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by Tina Riley
12 months ago

Let’s have a chat about bathrooms. It’s not just a spot to take a shower or brush your teeth; it’s an intimate space; a part of your home where you can retreat to relax. Like any other room in your house, your bathroom is a mirror of your personal style. But while creating a swanky space, shouldn’t we also consider how it could be comfortable and safe for everyone? 

Accessibility is in 

When we talk about interior design, an important point that keeps coming up these days is accessibility. And rightly so. An accessible bathroom, specifically designed to cater to people with different mobility needs, is becoming a must-have. It’s not just for those who need it today, but for future-proofing. Think about it – as we grow older or if a family member has a temporary injury, wouldn’t an accessible bathroom be a game-changer? 

But there’s a myth that needs busting here. An accessible bathroom doesn’t have to look like a hospital ward! Today’s designs are anything but clinical. They’re as stylish as they are functional. 

Chic and functional bathrooms 

Innovations in design and technology have made it possible to have the best of both worlds – a bathroom that is easy to use and gorgeous to look at. Take a walk-in shower, for instance. It has a low threshold that’s great for those with mobility needs. But guess what? It also gives your bathroom a sleek, modern look. 

How about a floating vanity? Not only does it have room underneath for a wheelchair if needed, but it also adds a dash of contemporary style. Heated floors? They add a cosy touch of luxury and reduce slipping hazards too! 

Accessible doesn’t equal dull 

Trust us, designing an accessible bathroom can be exciting. For example, try using contrasting accessible colours for fittings against the wall. It’ll help those with visual impairments, and honestly, it just looks really cool. Another way to make accessibility fun is to find designs that match your aesthetic. Think hot pink glitter grab rails, or choosing a bath step that you can decorate with decals.  

Design that everyone falls in love with 

The power of inclusive design is that it cares for everyone. The goal is to make spaces that everyone can use, no matter their age or abilities. It’s not just about creating a bathroom that’s accessible. It’s about making a bathroom that’s genuinely welcoming for everyone. And isn’t that a wonderful thing? 

Expert tips for your bathroom makeover 

Thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover? Here are a few tips. Plan the layout, think about where to place things, and consider the type of materials you use. Slip-resistant flooring is a good choice, and so are taps with lever handles. Make sure the lighting has the option to light the room for those with sight impairments, with the option to dim it for those luxurious spa nights. 

Consider adding some smart features. Things like digital showers that let you set the temperature, voice-activated lights, or bidet-style toilets. They bring together luxury and practicality in a beautiful way. 

In short, your accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be dull or clinical. With careful planning, you can create a space that’s stylish, safe, and comfortable. It’s about creating a bathroom that respects everyone’s needs and still looks stunning. And that’s what true style is all about. 

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