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by Tina Riley
11 months ago

Renovating your home is an exciting time but to get a result that you’re absolutely in love with, you need to spend a bit of time doing some research first. This can be quite overwhelming, particularly with the internet offering access to so many resources, styles and inspirations. It is important though as taking the time to gather information and educate yourself about different aspects of design will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your home reflects you. 

To help make the process easier for you, we’ve put together our top research tips as a guide to what you need to be thinking about and what areas you should look into before beginning your project. Let’s get started and get you one step closer to your dream home!  

Identify your style 

This part of the research can be time consuming, but it should be fun! Before you embark on your renovation journey, it’s essential to identify your style preferences. Do you lean towards minimalistic Scandinavian design or are you drawn to the bold and eclectic vibes of industrial chic? Maybe you’re into a traditional look, or maybe you’re a fan of quirky and colourful interiors?  

Whatever your style, take some time to browse through interior design magazines, online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, or even visit model homes to get a sense of what resonates with you. Collect images, save inspiration boards, and pinpoint the elements that pull you in. Once you have a clear understanding of your style, your research will become more focused, allowing you to identify exactly how you want your own home to look. 

Remember, finding and deciding what you don’t like, is just as important as finding and deciding what you do like. You also don’t have to stick to one style, you can pull elements from different interiors, so don’t feel like you have to be firmly in one style camp. 

You can use your own home too to inform your research. Are there things that you really love about your current spaces and really want to keep in the new design? By figuring out what you already like in your home or alternatively what you don’t like and what causes problems in your space, you can make informed choices about your renovation. For example, if you find yourself cursing because your bin is too far away from your chopping surface in the kitchen, this is the perfect time to fix that problem! 

Don’t forget to listen to your gut – if you like something from the get go, and keep coming back to it, then go for that! 

Explore product options 

Nowadays there is a vast array of products available when it comes to your home. From furniture and lighting to flooring and kitchen appliances, the choices can be overwhelming.  

Start by researching reputable brands and suppliers that align with your style and budget. Read customer reviews, explore their websites, and visit showrooms if possible. Don’t forget to take notes, compare prices and features, and narrow down your options to find the perfect products for your vision, as well as convenience in your day-to-day life.  

Talk to the experts 

Hi – that’s us! While you might have a good eye for design, seeking expert advice can elevate your project to a whole new level. Interior designers, architects, and home improvement professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, offer innovative ideas, and help you avoid common pitfalls.  

Schedule consultations to discuss your ideas and goals, and don’t be afraid to ask for their input or ask questions. Even if it feels irrelevant (or you think your question is a bit silly), the likelihood is that it will be really helpful for your own clarity and understanding. 

Taking advantage of expert advice can also help you incorporate new ideas and consider things you hadn’t thought about. For example, ease of cleaning with appliances and designs are what most of our customers mention they love about our advice and finished design and renovation projects. We also know about a few handy small additions that might make your life a lot easier – so chat to us.  

Make informed decisions  

When it comes to creating a home that you love, every decision matters. From the colour scheme and materials to the layout and functionality, it’s essential you make informed choices and don’t buy on a whim. 

Use your research to gather information about the durability, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness of different products and materials. It’s also vital that you consider the long-term implications of your decisions and how they align with your lifestyle. Are you a busy professional who needs low-maintenance options, or are you a DIY enthusiast looking to add personal touches to your space?  

You may also want to avoid trends and instead think long term. Will you still want a neon yellow bathroom in a couple of years’ time? This is an extreme example, but you get our point! You’ll want to live in and love your space for years to come, so don’t forget to consider the future and big life changes. 

Want to talk about renovating your home? Get in touch, we’d love to help you create the home of your dreams! 

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