Heating For Your New Bathroom That Won't Leave You Shivering In Winter - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

Here’s our guide to how best to heat a bathroom to ensure you aren’t left shivering when you step out of the shower when the cold weather hits. This will help you understand all your heating options so that you can select the right one for you.

Start with some careful thought about your bathroom heating options

Heating in a bathroom needs careful consideration for several reasons: bathrooms are quite different from the other rooms in your home. For example, they are often smaller, they produce high levels of humidity, and (importantly) you’re likely to be half naked in there for much of the time!

We’d recommend that you decide on your bathroom heating needs early on in your design to ensure there are no delays later in the project. The choices include deciding between bathroom radiators, underfloor heating, or traditional radiators. There is also the issue of calculating how much heat your bathroom will need based on its size and who will be using it.

Calculating the right amount of heat for your bathroom

Your bathroom heating source(s) will need to give off the right amount of heat to ensure that it isn’t too hot or too cold. You can use a British Thermal Units (BTU) calculator to determine the correct amount of heat for your bathroom. There are many free online calculators that you can use to do this, e.g., B&Q or Radiators Online. These consider a range of factors including the size of the room, but also the number and type of windows, the location of your bathroom, and ceiling height (amongst other things).

When you choose a bathroom heater, it should state its BTU output so you can find the option that matches what your bathroom needs.

Considering dual-fuel or electric radiators

Before you buy, consider whether you need (or want) a dual-fuel or electric radiator. By fitting an electric element (dual-fuel) this will allow you to dry your towels even when the central heating is off during the summer months in the UK. By doing so, you can create a little spa-like experience in the heart of the home. In the Winter, you’ll be able to indulge in the luxury of picking up a warm towel or robe post-shower to cocoon yourself in.

Bathroom heating options as storage

While size and output are key considerations, you also need to consider your storage requirements. How many people use your bathroom? How many towels need to be hung up? As well making sure there are enough rails, check there’s also enough usable space between each rail to fit a bath towel.

Also – look out for bathroom radiators with additional storage space or shelving. If you choose the right option, it’ll become a multifunctional tool for you – it should act as a space saver and double up as somewhere to dry clothes. In terms of physical space, a full-size towel radiator for a large bathroom is likely to take up most of the wall, while smaller towel rails can be wall mounted, leaving space for storage below.

Underfloor heating is also an option

Underfloor heating is a hugely popular option in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. It works well in the space as it means bare feet are kept toasty, wet floors quickly dry out, and there is no need to find wall or floor space for a radiator. Larger bathrooms can benefit from underfloor heating as a single towel warmer is often not enough to heat the space — particularly once it is covered in towels.

There are several different types of underfloor heating. A ‘dry’ or electric underfloor heating system runs off electrical wiring and is a good, less disruptive option, for retrofitting.
A wet underfloor heating system involves a series of pipes run within the floor heated via hot water. This type of system tends to best when installed in a self-build or complete bathroom renovation project.

Some inspiration for your bathroom heating options

If you’re looking for some creative and contemporary radiator options, take a look at Radox Designer Radiators or Eastbrook’s Aluminium Range – they have some really eye-catching designs.

Want to talk through the right options for your bathroom? Get in touch and we’ll help!