Networking Works - The Bathroom that Took 10 Years - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
10 months ago

Networking can often leave people rolling their eyes – it’s just swapping business cards and schmoozing, right? Wrong! Networking is all about building connections and community. There’s space for us all and when we work together, it allows us all to flourish and deliver excellent service. 

To prove our point about how powerful networking truly is, we’ve dusted off a story from our archives about the bathroom that took 10 years. Metaphorically of course. The bathrooms we design are installed much more quickly than that; don’t worry! 

Does networking work? 

10 years ago, Tina met someone who has only recently decided to have her bathroom renovated. She remembered meeting Tina and the great impression she left behind and decided to have their bathroom designed and installed by us. They have been delighted by the result and we’re confident that she will recommend us to anyone else she knows who may need a new bathroom. 

This is the true essence of networking, you may not see immediate results but by getting yourself and your brand out there, you will make connections that will lead to tangible business results further down the line. Think of it a bit like planting seeds in the garden. You toss a few seeds (your business card, your elevator pitch, a 121 chat, your friendly smile) into the soil of connections, and then you wait. You water them with genuine conversations, you nurture them with trust, and you give them the sunlight of opportunity.  

At first, it might seem like nothing much is happening. The seeds are underground, doing their thing out of sight. But then, one day, you notice a tiny sprout; that’s your first connection, your first “aha” moment! Maybe it’s a coffee meeting that leads to a referral, or perhaps it’s a casual chat at a networking event that turns into a collaboration. These little sprouts are the signs that your efforts are taking root. 

You keep planting more seeds, having more conversations, and attending more events. You’re not just growing connections; you’re cultivating relationships. You’re not just exchanging business cards; you’re sharing stories and expertise. Slowly, your garden grows until it’s a thriving ecosystem that can provide for you and others!  

Networking event in Leamington Spa 

We’re so passionate about the opportunities that networking provides, we’ve even decided to hold our own networking event in October!  

Our networking event will take place on:

Thursday 12th October between 12.30pm – 2pm.   

You can book your tickets here and join the Modern Homes team and Architect Sandy Hickey at our kitchen showroom in Leamington Spa, where you’ll be able to network with industry professionals for all things design, property, and construction.    

 If you’d like to find out more about our fantastic networking event, we’ve put together a blog with all the information you need! 

How does Modern Homes encourage networking within the local community? 

We’re always keen to collaborate and recommend trusted traders in the area. Over the years, Tina has built up a network that’s not just a list of names but a community of reliability.  

Recently, we had the pleasure of helping a customer who was new to the area and found us through ‘Which Trusted Traders’. As he was new and didn’t know who to go with for other work, we were not only able to help him with his renovation needs, but we also put him in contact with traders we know. This included, S&J Electrical for a rewire and solar solutions, Modern Glazing for windows, and Tristan Stephens for decorating.  

To our delight, our customer reported back that every recommendation from Tina not only lived up to their promises but exceeded expectations. They all arrived on the correct day, at the right time, and, most importantly, they all did a stellar job! This example isn’t just a testament to Tina’s network; it’s a shining example of the power of collaboration and trust in our community.  

It’s these success stories that fuel our dedication to building connections and ensuring that everyone in our network, whether a customer or a fellow tradesperson, experiences the same level of excellence that has become our trademark.  

Interested in joining our networking event on Thursday 12th October? You can book your ticket here or contact us for more information.