Meet the Modern Homes Team: Introducing Mirie - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
11 months ago

Our talented little team has grown recently and now she’s had the chance to get settled in, we thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce our latest addition, Mirie!  

What made you decide to become part of the Modern Homes team? 

Whilst I’m new to the industry, I’ve always had a massive interest and excitement towards the renovation and design sector! I love being able to help clients bring their dream renovation to life, from envisioning the project, all the way up to executing it to the client’s expectation and personal preferences. 

Modern Homes are a family-run business that take care of their customers and they’re also very down-to-earth and transparent, which was a massive draw for me. The fact that I’m new to this industry was also a massive plus for Tina and Dan as they can train me how they want to! I’m like a sponge, learning all the Modern Homes tips and tricks!  

Tell us a little about your passions and interests! 

Prepare yourself – I have quite a few! This one is pretty obvious given my job, but I love repurposing rooms. There’s something really amazing about being able to create practical spaces for multiple uses. 

In my free time, I love…  

  • Music and singing 
  • Creativity and use of colour… colour grading is SO much fun! 
  • Personal development and spirituality 
  • Photography
  • Art and design
  • Travel, hiking, and walking
  • Communication and psychology 
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle… if the walking didn’t already tell you that! 

As you can see, I’m definitely a creative at heart but I’m also organised and love helping people, so working within the interior design industry is the perfect job for me! 

Speaking of your job, have you learnt any useful tips since starting at Modern Homes? 

I’ve definitely picked up some pearls of wisdom along the way, some are practical bits and others are just about having fun with colour! My top tips are: 

Open showers! 

We’ve all experienced this; you can feel the cool air from the bathroom, so make sure that you think about the heating accordingly. 

Skip permits are important! 

Not every house has an area to put a skip, so if you don’t have a driveway or street access, then you may need to apply for a skip permit. 

Avoid the shock! 

Check your boiler against bathroom products you hope to have installed. If you don’t, you may find out you need to update your boiler to a larger capacity boiler, so be prepared for this in advance as this could affect your budget substantially.  Check the installation estimate is detailed in writing including materials used. It’s important that you make sure that this includes steps such as waterproofing walls, adding the floor with a mat and/or gum and levelling the floor to ensure tiles don’t crack. 

Colourful kitchens can lift our mood, even on a cloudy day! 

The UK climate tends to be pretty gloomy, meaning we spend a lot of time indoors. If this sounds like you then having a colourful kitchen can really lift your mood! For example, a dusty red brick paint colour, paired with a chestnut toned countertop, can look as airy and effortless in natural daylight, as it does on a wet autumn afternoon.  

Powder blue for a peaceful feel! 

If you’re looking for a colour that doesn’t steal the spotlight for a space, then a pale/powder blue is a great option. The colour brings a peaceful feel and can work very well with warm wooden surfaces. It’s also helpful in a small room as it creates a feeling of space. 

Planning a renovation and want some tailored advice? Come talk to our friendly team and see how we can help you to create the home of your dreams! You’ll probably talk to our lovely Mirie too!