Constructive Together: Networking at Modern Homes, Leamington Spa

by Tina Riley
11 months ago

At Modern Homes, we aren’t just about creating dream spaces (although we’re really good at that if we do say so ourselves!), we also believe in the power of community and supporting local businesses and trades.  

Our approach goes beyond just being a design and renovation company – we want to create an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and constructive networking. With this in mind, we are hosting a networking event on: 

Thursday 12th October between 12.30pm – 2pm.  

You can book your tickets here and join the Modern Homes team and Architect Sandy Hickey at our kitchen showroom in Leamington Spa, where you’ll be able to network with industry professionals for all things design, property, and construction.   

Thinking about coming along? Then read on to find out why it’ll be such a great event! 

The power of collaboration 

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We firmly believe that when businesses come together to pool their strengths, incredible things can happen.  

From architects to interior designers, from plumbers to electricians, each professional brings a unique set of skills to the table. By collaborating, we can ensure that our clients receive comprehensive solutions that consider every aspect of their design and/or renovation project and it keeps business within the local economy.  

For example, Tina recently connected a client with Sandy Hickey, a local architect with a keen eye for detail and an expert in refreshing and optimising home flow and functionality. The client was looking to make renovations to their home, but before that could happen, they wanted to make changes to the layout and flow of their space. 

Sandy was able to work closely with us and the client to understand their needs, lifestyle, and vision. By combining her insights with our design expertise, we were able to devise a new layout that not only addressed the client’s concerns but also brought a fresh perspective to the project. 

This collaboration not only enhanced the quality of the renovation but also provided the client with a solution that exceeded their expectations. It’s a testament to the power of networking within the local business community! 

Building bridges in the community 

Our networking event will allow you to build up a network of connections, helping to increase your business opportunities. You can have the most amazing business in the world, but if no one knows about you it won’t do you much good which is why networking is so important!  

Our philosophy centres around the idea that working together makes us all stronger. Leamington Spa is more than just a location for us; it’s a community we are proud to be a part of. This is why we place a strong emphasis on networking with fellow local businesses and tradespeople. 

Getting a fresh perspective and an inspiration injection 

We all have our own bubbles, and it can be easy to end up staying in them which can leave your business feeling stagnant. Our networking event will help you to burst that bubble wide open!   

You’ll meet people from different businesses, cultures, and backgrounds, offering fresh perspectives and creative ideas. Being surrounded by passionate, motivated individuals can have an electrifying effect on your own drive and enthusiasm, and we hope you’ll leave our networking event with plenty of inspiration and new contacts! 

Interested in joining our networking event on Thursday 12th October? You can book your ticket here or contact us for more information.