Bedroom Inspiration - Soothing Navy Blues - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
1 year ago

Choosing a colour theme for your bedroom can be a challenge. You want it to be soothing and calm for the evenings, but bright enough so that in the morning you’re ready and raring to go. You want something quite timeless that won’t be out of fashion within the year. But you don’t want plain boring white walls. May we suggest navy blue? It’s excellent as a statement colour, or to complement other lighter shades such as pinks, greys, whites and creams. 

Navy blue creates a calming mood which is exactly what you want in the room you’ll be sleeping in, but it’s also able to contrast and complement other colours, creating almost endless possibilities. Whichever way you choose to introduce navy blue into your bedroom decorating scheme, you won’t be disappointed. Not convinced? We’ve got some navy blue bedroom inspiration to prove it to you. 

Go with a classic; white and navy blue 

White and navy blue is a classic colour combination that is elegant and timeless. Deep navy blue tones look fantastic when paired with white walls, creating a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. There’s scope to move the room into a coastal feel if you introduce soft furnishings such as woven rugs and beach décor. 

White is also a great way to break up the deep and decadent navy blue shades that may overpower smaller spaces. Incorporating lighter wood flooring, such as Karndean wooden flooring, and furniture, such as light wooden bedframes and modern metal side tables, can open up the space while keeping it cosy and relaxing. 

Continue the coastal theme 

If being immersed in a relaxing seashore-influenced theme that incorporates sandy shades, pebble grey and ocean blues, then what are you waiting for? Use patterned wallpaper in blues and greys to echo the calming sea, or go for a soft ombre effect for a more subtle approach. Mirrors, rustic driftwood textures and soft linens really bring home the oceanside feel without going overboard with the theme.  

Navy blue and warm grey 

Navy and grey are two versatile colours which can complement each other beautifully, and they’re becoming a popular duo in bedroom colour schemes. The secret to pulling off a navy blue and grey bedroom is to avoid creating a cold palette, which cool grey shades might do. Warm grey hues will nicely complement the navy and create a more comforting atmosphere, especially in winter months. For a more luxurious feel, add elements of gold to really bring in warmth and style such as gold light fittings, handles, and trinkets. 

Leafy greens and navy blue 

Have you considered having your own rainforest retreat? The theme combines leafy greens, indigo blues, burnt orange and plant detailing such as wallpaper or real plants. Increase the sense of luxury with a headboard in a rich velvet fabric, layered with co-ordinating linen or cotton bedding. Use wood and rattan detailing through sideboards, lampshades, and rugs.  

Blue, blue, oh and more blue  

The best thing about blue? It’s a vast and versatile colour family. We’ve never seen a combination of blues clash because they all complement each other well. Pair a collection of navy blues with undertones ranging from green to grey to purple for an unexpectedly lush take on the trend. Feel free to throw in a few light blue accents for good measure, too. Finish off with a cashmere blanket and textured rug and you’ll be in a sleepy paradise in no time.  

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