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Lighting your bedroom is both fun and challenging – perhaps more so than you might think. But you’ve taken the right first step in finding Modern Homes, because we’ve helped countless homeowners find the best lighting for their bedrooms.

We can do the same for you, thanks to a huge range of beautiful and functional lighting options. More importantly, you can rely on our many years of experience to help you find the best lighting for your bedroom.

What makes a great bedroom lighting?

Lighting has come on a long way in recent years. Thanks to the development of smart lighting and apps which can control the overall feel and ambiance of your room, the world really is your illuminated oyster.

That said, when it comes to bedroom lighting, simplicity often works best. Great bedroom lighting provides just the right level of illumination while adding to the overall feel within the room. The best news? You can achieve this and ensure it matches your decor without spending a fortune.

How to choose the right bedroom lighting

When choosing bedroom lighting, you need to think about the overall ambiance you want to create, and the type of lights you’d like to see whenever you enter the room (or wake up).

Bedside table lamps remain a great choice, but it’s often a good idea to combine those with ceiling lights (be they of the hanging or spotlight variety). More importantly, any man-made lighting you add to the room needs to compliment the natural light which will flood in through the windows.

The benefits of bedroom lighting

Get your bedroom lighting right and it’ll have a significant impact not only on the look and feel of the room itself, but on your overall happiness, too. Light is believed to alter our mood considerably, which is why it’s so important you get your bedroom lighting just right.

We can help you do that and create bedroom lighting which helps you settle at night, wakes you gently, and which fits perfectly into the room decor. A bedroom with bad lighting is just as bad as one with zero lighting – trust us!

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