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by Tina Riley
4 years ago

Realising your dream bathroom can be a pretty daunting process. There’s so much to think about from the tiles, to the placement of the shower, and style of sink.

Then, you dig deeper, and realise you also need to make a decision about whether to have a wall-hung pan or not, and what type of lighting will work best for the space. Oh, and then there’s the flooring; what should you opt for there?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost in these big details. In doing so, you may overlook the smaller finishing touches that really impact the end result.

Accessorising your bathroom is a tricky task, but in this blog, we’re going to make it a whole lot easier – even if this is the first big bathroom makeover you’ve undertaken!


Two essential aspects of bathroom design

How will you know what you’ll need in your bathroom until you actually start to use it?

This is a classic problem for new bathroom projects. Achieving the perfect show home finish which also meets the needs of everyone in the house requires two considerations:

  1. Functionality
  2. Fashion

These two aspects of bathroom design will help you maximise the functionality of your bathroom while ensuring it still looks as beautiful as you’d imagined it would.

But how can you look into the future to marry these two essential elements of bathroom design and ensure you leave nothing behind?


Picture yourself in your finished bathroom

Start by imagining yourself using the bathroom once its finished. Consider which aspects are the most important to you and make a list of all the little things that will make the room completely effortless to use.

Doing this will really help identify the finishing touches. For instance, imagine relaxing into a bath full of warm bubbles. You take a sip of your red wine as you sink further into the water and reach out to place your glass on the niche within the wall next to the bath.

Oh, wait – you forgot the niche!

Or what about that lovely new walk-in shower? After spending far too long enjoying the hot water falling from the rainfall head, you step out and reach for the towel. Only, it isn’t within reach, because your lovely new towel radiator is placed at the other end of the room, requiring an awkward shuffle across a cold floor (damn the lack of underfloor heating!) to retrieve it.

These two scenarios may seem pretty minor in the great scheme of things, but if you think about how regularly you’ll be using your bathroom, those frustrations quickly add up.

They can be so easily fixed, too. It’s why spending some time playing out these scenarios is such a good idea. Where would the toilet roll holder be most usefully placed? Where will you put your shower gels and shampoos so they’re easily accessible? Think of every possible frustration and overcome it – now.


Small accessories that make a big difference

Some of the smallest things in life are often the best. And with that in mind, here are some of our favourite bathroom accessories that’ll really improve the functionality of yours:

  • toilet roll holder placed in an accessible position (we can even supply them with a combined shelf on which to rest your phone!)
  • grab bars for extra assistance (such as a corner grab bar on which you can rest your foot while scrubbing your toes)
  • corner shower basket for soap and shower gel
  • towel ring next to the basin
  • towel rail for spare towels
  • perfectly-positioned towel radiator next to your bath or shower
  • niches built into walls for essentials and accessories
  • bath racks for iPads, books, or wine glasses

The above will make a difference every single day, but what about the finished look of your new bathroom?


Adding personality and wow factor to your bathroom

Let’s look at three elements of your future bathroom that’ll really make it a talking point.

  1. Blinds

Not just a necessity, blinds are a great accessory for any bathroom. Opt for neutral colours or a ‘pop’ of colour if you want to add a vibrant tone to the room.

Matching coloured towels will add a luxurious feel, plus it’ll enable you to simply change the colour of your towels if you fancy changing the entire look of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are of course incredibly useful in bathrooms, but they can also make the space feel far bigger than it is.

Options range from classic, basic mirrors to all-singing, all-dancing illuminated mirrors with integrated Bluetooth technology which play your favourite tracks while cleaning your teeth.

  1. Lighting

This is without a doubt one of the most important factors. By using cool or warm lighting, you’ll completely transform the ambiance within your bathroom.

Try and match the temperature of your colour to complement the tone of your tiles, and experiment with mood lighting if you have a long bath (remember to add a dimmer switch).

There’s so much more you can do to finish off a bathroom. From inventive uses of candles, to plants, potions and lotions, creating your own luxurious space is easier than you might think.

If you need help, the Modern Homes team is at your service!

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