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If you’re refurbishing your bathroom, it might feel like an incredibly daunting task. There’s finding the right units, placing them correctly – and then you get to the flooring.

The good news is that the right bathroom flooring will completely transform this vitally important room. At Modern Homes, we have the expertise and stock to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to bathroom flooring.

What makes a great bathroom floor?

As you might imagine, the floor in your bathroom has to put up with a lot more action than the flooring in the rest of your house. This is why making the wrong choice can land you in hot water – literally.

The best bathroom flooring is comfortable to walk on with bare feet, offers brilliant waterproofing, and is highly slip resistant. Basically, you need flooring which knows how to handle water while still providing plenty of comfort.

How to choose the right bathroom flooring

There are plenty of options when it comes to bathroom flooring. From vinyl flooring to tiles, the choice is yours, and there will always be something available which slots perfectly into your budget.

It’s best to think about the way in which you use your bathroom (and who uses it!) and the intended visual impact you want from the floor. Tiles remain a great choice, but you can also get tile-effect vinyl bathroom flooring if you’d rather not spend too much.

The benefits of bathroom flooring

Find the right bathroom flooring, and it’ll transform the time you spend in that room. Not only will it add handsomely to the decor – it’ll provide the safest of surfaces on which to place your bare feet.

For those with bigger budgets, tile or vinyl flooring and underfloor heating are also options, enabling you to really turn this essential room into a statement. And if you need help deciding, remember that the Modern Homes team has all the experience you need to ensure you make the right choice.

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