Why Should You Always Visit a Bathroom or Kitchen Showroom - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
3 years ago

If lockdown has done one thing for many of us, it’s tempted us towards online shopping for things we’d never have previously thought possible.

You can even buy cars online these days.

It’s partly why we decided to invest time and effort in our remote kitchen design service. It proved hugely popular and meant we could also keep in touch with our lovely customers (that was so important for everyone during one of the strangest periods of our lives).

However, unlike a new pair of shoes, you can’t exactly send your kitchen back if it doesn’t quite work out for you. That’s just one of the reasons why our showroom will always be a massively important part of our business.

Here’s a few reasons why you should always visit a bathroom or kitchen showroom.


There’s nowhere better to find inspiration

We think even the shortest of visits to our showroom will provide you with all the inspiration you need for your new kitchen or bathroom.

There are so many colours, styles, and designs to choose from that it really helps to see everything in person and on display before making your decision.

One glance at the latest colour schemes, for instance, might inspire you to opt for a completely different design to what you’d originally planned.


You’ll get the best advice

You can do a lot of research off your own back and from the comfort of your armchair, but expert guidance is just as important.

Although we’re constantly learning at Modern Homes, we consider ourselves to be experts, given the many years we’ve been doing this. By visiting our showroom, you’ll get the chance to meet the team behind your new bathroom or kitchen, and you can hit them with as many questions as you like.

There’s no better way to gauge whether a particular company is the right ‘fit’ for you (if you’ll excuse the pun).


Those all-important finishing touches

There’s a lot more to a new bathroom or kitchen than the big utilities and room-filling units.

When you visit a showroom like ours, you’ll also spot the smaller things that make a huge difference. Flooring, radiators, and window blinds are common examples of the finishing touches you may otherwise miss if you keep all your shopping firmly online.


Touch and feel

Our remote design service is so popular because we poured all our experience into it, but we’re equally conscious that nothing quite beats the touch and feel of a kitchen or bathroom.

It’s why we actively encourage our clients to open units, try out induction hobs, and run their hands along shower enclosures. They can even sit on the toilet, if they wish (you’d be amazed by how different each model feels).

In this day and age, online shopping makes a huge amount of sense, but after 52 years of bricks-and-mortar selling, we firmly believe the showroom has a place in our – and your – future.

If this has tempted you to pop in and experience our showroom for yourself, just get in touch with the friendly Modern Homes team, today.