Top 10 Bedroom Ideas To Refresh Your Home - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
1 year ago

Bedrooms have become a refuge in our homes; a hideaway where we can take a break from the chaos of life and unwind. Therefore, it’s even more important that this space is designed to reflect your personality, allow you to enjoy your own style using design concepts, and make sure it’s the ultimate haven of relaxation. 

We’ve searched through the up and coming interior design trends to bring you the latest and most influential bedroom designs to inspire you. Here are our top 10 bedroom ideas to refresh your home: 

Textured whites 

The classic and timeless look is making a comeback for people wanting to create a sense of tranquillity in their bedrooms. Avoiding a one-dimensional feel, a white colour scheme with diverse textures is a timeless look that works for many homes, from modern townhouses to cute country cottages. Wall panelling or a textured finish on the ceiling can add character and depth to this look. 


Adding architectural features, especially in new builds, can give your bedroom more depth and character. Whether that’s slatted beams, flat panels or both, painting them in contrasting or complementary colours can give an interesting twist. If you’re feeling confident, this is a great DIY job to tackle. It’s also a great way to give your bed a frame without needing a headboard. 

Bespoke fitted furniture  

Having custom-made wardrobes, either fitted or sliding, can be a great investment to add value to your home. A floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe can be a great focal point in a compact bedroom. To balance the look, keep the classic mix of light and dark colours in mind. 

Statement pendant lights 

Pendant lighting can be a chic alternative to bedside lamps. Low-hanging pendants are great for any bedroom, as they free up surfaces. They look particularly stunning when combined with an upholstered bed, headboard, and accent wall. 

Oversized artwork 

Adding artwork to your bedroom can give it character. Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or any other media, it will add a wow-factor to the room. Line art, especially featuring people, is becoming popular, as it is simple and can fit any bedroom, no matter the style. Check out your local art gallery to support local artists, or Etsy is another great place to get inspiration. 

Walnut wood  

Walnut wood is making a comeback in interior design, and the bedroom is no exception. It’s a great choice due to its warm hue and texture. Platform beds and dressing chairs can be made with walnut wood, or you could go all out with a wall constructed of the material for your closet. 

Warm earthy tones and colours 

We adore using warm, earthy tones like clay and coral, as well as deeper tones like amber and plum. The rich tones bring in a cosy, yet modern feel that separates your place of slumber from the rest of the home. It’s also excellent all year round, with a range of accessories and furniture.  

Peace and harmonious spaces 

Organic hues and textures are still in style as they create a sense of harmony and tranquillity in the bedroom. Lightweight and low-profile furniture is still in vogue. We’re also seeing a rise in the desire for a calm and serene place to unwind. 

Art Deco revisited 

Art Deco is back in a big way, adding opulence and class to any bedroom. Think vivid colours and bold patterns. Your décor might include uniquely shaped bed frames or furniture, metal lighting, patterned rugs or bedding, and a combination of different textures. Metallic accents and richer jewel tones with neutral base colours create the perfect Art Deco look.  

Grandma chic 

Grandma chic is an incredibly cosy trend for the bedroom. It’s the modern revival of the traditionalist design in a way that has elegance – but with a bolder, quirkier twist. This look might include upcycled furniture, as well as light and low-profile furniture. It will create a homely atmosphere in your bedroom. By opting for pre-loved or restored furniture, you can boast about your eco-friendly choices that help you sleep at night, literally! 

We hope these bedroom ideas have given you some inspiration for your own bedroom project. If you need any advice or are ready for a bedroom refurb, please contact one of our team to make an appointment to discuss your vision.