The One Thing that Hasn’t Changed in Our 55 years of Trading - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
7 months ago

As you can imagine, after 55 years in business we’ve seen a lot of change! From changing trends to new technology, we’ve evolved with the times here at Modern Homes. However, there’s one thing that has stayed exactly the same; our commitment to customer care. 

In a world where everything seems to be moving at the speed of light, our belief in the importance of customer service hasn’t wavered. We firmly believe that at the heart of every successful business lies the ability to connect with customers on a personal level, to understand their unique needs, and to support them in transforming those dreams into reality. It’s this mindset that has allowed our business to thrive, even through challenges like recessions, wars, and Covid. 

For 55 years, we have strived to offer our customers not just products, but an experience — an experience that’s rooted in genuine care and personal service. We’ve even had customers who have come back over 25 years later for a brand-new kitchen or bathroom, which is a testament to the power of first-class customer service.  

Understanding our customers 

Understanding our customers is not just a part of our job; it’s the cornerstone of why we’ve been around for 55 years. We get that choosing a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom isn’t just about the money; it’s a deep, emotional decision. We’re talking about creating spaces that really speak to the souls of the people living in them and helping them to create an environment where they can truly relax and feel, well, at home! So, we think it’s super important to give our customers all the space, time and information they need to make the best choices for them. 

And hey, life isn’t always smooth sailing, right? We get that, too. Sometimes, despite all the careful planning, on the odd occasion things can take unexpected turns. That’s when our dedication to incredible service truly shines! We’re right there, ready to lend a helping hand, offering not just support but real solutions. We believe that showing genuine care means being there even when things get tricky, ensuring any niggles get worked out and that our customers are truly happy with the end result.  

The importance of personal connections 

Our personal connections aren’t just reserved for our customers, it also applies to our suppliers too. At the core of our business values lies the deep-rooted belief that personal connections matter. That’s why we choose to work with smaller suppliers who, like us, understand the value of genuine customer care. Our suppliers are not just faceless entities; they’re partners who share our ethos of personalised service. They understand the intricate needs of our customers and contribute to the quality of care that defines our service. 

It’s also important to us that we build a network of local suppliers that we can trust. This way we not only keep business within the local community, but we can also guarantee that we’re providing our own clients with quality products that will last them for years to come. And, in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, it’s easy for us to sort it out quickly; there are no lengthy phone calls or hours on hold to faceless corporate suppliers. 

55 years adds up to a lot of experience! 

There’s an art to crafting a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom that feels uniquely yours and our team has mastered that art with years of experience. Our team boasts knowledge and expertise that we’ve gained over 55 years, equipping us with the ability to ask all the right questions. We understand the intricacies of the process and are able to foresee challenges before they arise. This ensures that our customers can enjoy a smooth and honest design process.   

For example, getting new bathroom products? We’ll make sure that you know to check your boiler against the bathroom products you hope to have installed. If you don’t, you may find out you need to update your boiler to a larger capacity boiler which is an extra cost you might not have been prepared for. 

We also stay available to our customers throughout the design and fitting process. We don’t just shove a sales pitch down your throat and disappear after the job is done. We’re there right by your side the whole way, whether it’s choosing the perfect countertop or finalising the lighting fixtures, you can rely on us for expertise and guidance. 


Are you looking to refresh your home and make it a little more you? Contact us today; we’d love to help you transform your space into exactly what you’re dreaming about!  

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