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by Tina Riley
4 years ago

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen in 2020, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation.

Excitement, because the kitchen is very popular room and you know it’ll be great to have a brand-new kitchen. The kitchen is where everyone ends up during parties and where families congregate to cook, eat, play, and work.

But that is what people think is the problem; how on earth can you give up that space for any amount of time – let alone a renovation that might take weeks to complete?

We won’t sugar-coat this; there’s always some pain and frustration involved during a kitchen installation, but if you pick the right company to do it for you and read the rest of this blog post, it won’t be all that bad. We promise.

How can we make the most of a new kitchen?

Kitchen renovations are large undertakings. And they’re not particularly easy to reverse.

This means you need to get it right from the moment you start the design process.

To do this, make sure the new kitchen space is optimised to provide the best possible experience. Think about storage; how much do you need and where should the most important storage locations be placed? For instance, you’ll probably want your cutlery draw near your kitchen island (if you’re having one) and your dishwasher relatively near the sink.

Even what you think are the smallest details count. For example, the way cabinet doors are hinged, and the placement of lighting will significantly impact the everyday usability of your new kitchen.

The space you create should be tailored solely for you and your family, so make sure everyone’s involved during the design process and ensure every feature, appliance and use of floorspace will enable you all to appreciate the new kitchen.

What should I do before a kitchen installation?

Prior preparation is vital if you want your kitchen installation to go as smoothly as possible.

Start by cleaning out your existing kitchen. For instance, the cupboards probably contain stuff that needs throwing out, and it’s a great idea to get shot of anything now that won’t need a space in the new kitchen later.

Once the installation is underway, you’ll lose access to several everyday comforts. With that in mind, identify a separate space in the house in which you’ll be able to set up a temporary tea and coffee making station. You’ll probably want to do the same for microwave meals and the business of washing up. And yes, it could end up being the bath. But it’s not for long, and we promise it’ll be worth it.

That’s it! You can then begin investing time in the kitchen floor plan and watch as it comes to life!

What should I do as the homeowner during the kitchen installation?

The kitchen renovation process continues long after the install, so while the team is busy fitting cabinets and installing appliances, grab your smartphone or tablet and hit Pinterest.

Look for styling ideas and those small but vital elements that will really finish off the kitchen. It’s a good idea to follow your favourite homeware shops on Instagram, too, along with any influencers who are known for their interior design flair.

Things may get a little frustrating after a while. After all, no one wants to wash plates in the bath night after night or make their way relentlessly through the supermarket’s ready-meals section. This is why retaining a sense of perspective is important.

During the installation process, remind yourself continually why you’re undertaking the project. Look at the 3D renders of the finished room and think about the amazing times you’ll have in that space with your loved ones. Keep telling yourself: it’ll all be worth it. Because it will.

Final thought

There’s nothing quite like a new kitchen, and that makes any inconvenience you experience during the installation process absolutely worthwhile.

We hope we’ve settled some of the nerves you might have about a forthcoming kitchen installation. To find out more about our service and discover your new kitchen, just contact our friendly team. We’ll support you through the entire process of the renovation, from creating a personalised kitchen floor plan to picking the perfect style for your needs and requirements.

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