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You may not think it, but the lighting choices you make for your kitchen will have a huge impact on the enjoyment you get from the room. What’s more, it’ll impact how you feel while you’re in the kitchen.

Lighting plays a crucial role in home design and comfort. At Modern Homes, we’ve helped countless homeowners bring their kitchens to life with brilliant lighting that’s both affordable and capable of creating that illusive ‘wow factor’.

What makes great kitchen lighting?

Kitchens arguably require the most flexible lighting schemes in any home. The lighting needs to ensure you can cook safely, entertain, relax, and work if the room doubles as your home office.

That’s quite a tall order, but there are plenty of options out there these days to help you achieve this. The best kitchen lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the good news is that there’s an option for every budget.

How to choose the right kitchen lighting

When choosing kitchen lighting, it’s best to think about the three main functions it has: general, task, and mood. General lighting simply refers to the overall illumination of the room and needs to work in harmony with any daylight that also enters the space.

Task lighting refers to light which helps you prepare and cook food and can most often be found under cabinets. Finally, when it comes to setting the mood, lighting which can be dimmed or tweaked in terms of colour will add a huge amount of ambiance to one of the most used rooms in your house.

The benefits of kitchen lighting 

Everyone ends up in the kitchen during parties, but it’s also where you cook, play, and, for many people, work. This is why the kitchen requires a far more comprehensive plan for lighting than most other rooms.

How you light yours will of course be a personal preference, but you can lean on the many years of experience contained within the Modern Homes team to ensure you add just the right amount of mood, function, and overall illumination.

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