Our New Lighting Showroom Area Is Taking Shape - Say Hello to där lighting! - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
4 years ago

The Modern Homes team has been hard at work creating a brand-new lighting area in our showroom.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve built and the wonderful lighting products we have in stock. But the new showroom has also given us the opportunity to add another fantastic supplier to our list.

We’ve partnered with där lighting to provide a stunning range of home lighting options which are the perfect companion for the kitchens and bathrooms we supply and fit.


Who are där lighting?

Originally formed in a spare bedroom way back in 1971, där lighting is the brainchild of an art student who spotted a gap in the market for modern home lighting products.

So, he created a family-owned business which has grown to become one of the most highly regarded home lighting providers in the UK.

Their stunning range of lights are immediately recognisable but offer enough choice to satisfy most tastes and applications. All of their products are designed in the UK and shipped directly to their network of retailers.

And that’s where we come in!


Why have we partnered with där lighting?

The reason is simple: we love working with UK-based suppliers who share the same passion for quality as we do.

där lighting have that passion in spades, and, like any business partnership, they offer something we don’t – in this case, a stunning range of home lighting options.

We’re thrilled to be a retailer for där lighting and know that our customers will benefit significantly from their 40+ years in the industry and their strong service ethos.


Is the där lighting partnership just for kitchen lighting?

Nope! The range they offer for kitchens is among the best we’ve seen and complement our installations perfectly.

However, our new partnership with där lighting means we can supply our customers with lighting for virtually any room in their home.

So, if you need to light up your living room, bathroom, study, or bedrooms, the där lighting range that’s making its way into our Leamington showroom will have something to satisfy your requirements.


5 reasons to add more light to your home

Lighting may not feel particularly exciting, but it makes all the difference to home renovations or upgrades. Here’s why.

  1. You’ll save money

It’s true; the latest home lighting benefits from some of the biggest advances in energy efficiency. An upgrade to yours could help you save significantly on your annual electricity bill.

  1. It’s great for your health

Humans crave light. It makes us feel better and, when you flood your home with a combination of natural and artificial light, you can keep the mood up for everyone. In fact, it’s known to ward off depression and help the brain produce more serotonin.

  1. It might add value

Although this is always a tough one to guarantee, adding decent lighting to your home adds significantly to its appeal, and can be very useful indeed when the time to sell arises.

  1. You’ll add ambiance

Lighting is great for creating a specific mood in your home. Whether you fancy a romantic night in, relaxed night in front of the TV, or party atmosphere, strong lighting options will give your home the personality it needs, for all occasions.

  1. Rooms will feel bigger

Lighting has a canny way of making spaces feel bigger than they are. Again, it relies on a combination of natural and artificial light, but the right balance will make even the smallest of rooms feel far more spacious.


Want to find out more?

Of course you do. By the time you read this, our lighting showroom may be ready, in which case you can contact us to book an appointment to come and see the där lighting range in action.

However, if you’ve got any queries about där lighting or the options they have available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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