You've Changed! What Modern Living Means for the Kitchen Sink - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
4 years ago

Ironically, it feels like we write about pretty much everything on this blog apart from the kitchen sink.

It’s often the hub of the kitchen, and one of the most used appliances in that room, so why don’t we shine the spotlight on this every day essential?

How open plan living has impacted the sink

The increasing desire for open plan living has had a dramatic impact on the sink area of modern kitchens. Most notably, it has affected the way the sink area is planned and built into a kitchen.

It’s a challenge most competent kitchen designers relish, and has resulted in a number of solutions that have brought the humble sink into the forefront of the design – rather than being simply thrown into the corner of the kitchen.

When Modern Homes started planning kitchens over 50 years ago, sink configurations and styles were relatively simple. Now, the sink area can often be seen from the dining or living room, which means they need to either blend in seamlessly or create a visual impact.

Durability remains the priority

Despite the new range of impactful and discreet sinks, one priority remains: durability.

Kitchen sinks have always lived a relatively tough life, but the prevalence of dishwashers these days means their role has changed somewhat. With the washing up duty largely taken care of by integrated dishwashers, sinks have morphed into multifunctional food preparation areas.

To aid this, most sink manufacturers have responded by producing an array of co-ordinating accessories that include integral chipping boards, strainer baskets, colanders and knife racks. The stunning examples from kitchen manufacturer Franke are a case in point.

No matter what style of sink you opt for, its ability to be highly functional and long-lasting should still be at the top of your shopping list.

The discreet option

There are plenty of options for installing a discreet sink in your kitchen, but one of the most popular with our clients is the under-mount sink.

Sitting just below the worktop and coupled with a plain recessed drainer area, these sinks literally sink into the kitchen and allow the worktop to remain the focal point of the design.

If you’re not up for a statement sink (there’s such a thing, as we’ll come onto in a moment), an under-counter unit will be one of the best options available.

Want something more dramatic?

If you want to make a statement with your sink, why shouldn’t you be able to?

This was never really an option unless you opted for a custom design, but sink manufacturers have of late introduced a variety of designs that stand out – big time.

You can now choose from alternative colours for sinks and different textures. Whether you fancy a normal stainless steel sink or something more striking like copper or anthracite, you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

The great thing about choosing a statement sink like this is that it can be used to enhance the kitchen’s overall colour scheme. And, remember – if you can see your sink from the comfort of your sofa, why not make it a talking point for the people who visit?

Need more inspiration?

We bet you had no idea sinks could be so inventive and eye-catching.

In fact, you’d be surprised by how exciting it can be choosing a new sink, so if you have any questions or just want a bit of helpful inspiration, simply call in to talk to one of our designers. We’ll chat about anything and everything – including the kitchen sink.

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