Why Dog Showers And Boot Rooms Are A Must-Have For Autumn/Winter - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
1 year ago

In these colder months, many of us love to indulge in a nice hot shower, especially after a long day. Now, many dogs don’t love a bath, but most dog owners would agree that their pooch is a much-loved member of the family. A member of the family who tends to get very dirty, especially in the muddier weather. Rather than trying to wash your dog in your bath (which often involves carrying them up the stairs to avoid more muddy footprints), why not consider using a purpose-built dog shower?

Don’t have a dog? Not a problem, consider a boot room! The recent surge in outdoor hobbies such as walking and cycling, along with the huge increase in dog ownership, are just two of the factors that have contributed to the rise of the ‘bootility’ room. A boot room provides a place to take shoes and coats off before entering the house, keeping your home clean and stylish while enjoying the outdoors.

Pampered pets

Dog bath time

Indoor dog showers have become a highly desired feature that prevents our four-legged friends from bringing their outdoor adventures into the main house while relieving you of the dirty task of cleaning your pets under a cold outdoor hose.

Boot rooms can also be an excellent place to keep pet beds to give your dog its own personal space. They can also provide excellent storage for dog food and other pet items from leads and collars to balls and treats. It’s honestly incredible how much space our canine friends take up, so why not give them their own room if you can?

Family fun

While it may be called a dog shower, it’s not just pets that need washing off. Have you ever gone on a lovely long walk and come back with your shoes caked in mud? How about having a child, (or an adult!) that loves a Sunday kickabout and comes back with muddy legs? The dog shower can be an excellent solution for cleaning legs and shoes after winter sports without traipsing it all through the house.

Those who live by the beach or have holiday homes on the coast are familiar with the idea of a shower close to a door for washing off salt, sand, and wetsuits. So why not have one to wash away the other elements?

Don’t let the fear of mess run your day

We are a very house-proud nation, and our interiors often reflect ourselves. The spaces where we spend the most time and that really facilitate our lifestyles are these enormously functional spaces. Yes, the wow factor is important, but if it doesn’t work for you, then it’s not going to be ‘wow’ for long.

We might not give dog showers/boot rooms a second thought as we go about our lives, but these are the spaces that allow us to live life without limitations and to be comfortable with having adventures without the looming fear of making a mess.

A boot room might seem like somewhere that’s just for placing boots and coats, but in reality, it’s part of what gives us the freedom to have balance, fun, and the possibility to make a bit of a mess.

Have you fallen in love with the idea of a boot room/dog shower? Contact us today.