White Bathrooms are So... In Need of Something Extra? - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
3 years ago

When you think “bathroom”, you probably think white basin, white bath, white toilet… just about white everything, right?

Despite this, we’ve learned over the years that people either love or hate white bathrooms. They really are the home improvement equivalent of Marmite!

We’ve been selling and installing white bathrooms for two decades, but it’s clear that new colours and decorated suites are starting to emerge.

However, we’ve seen it all before. Let us explain.


History matters

The principle of the modern bathroom hasn’t really changed since Victorian times. In most bathrooms, you’ll still find a bath, toilet, and basin which all work pretty much identically to their Victorian ancestors.

However, when it comes to bathroom styles, it’s a different story. From the 1950s right through to the 1980s, coloured bathroom suites were the norm. Pastel pinks, blues, and greens were all the rage, and our use of the bathroom was changing too; people were increasingly using the shower as a way to save time in the morning.

Bathroom tastes evolved again during the 1990s and early 2000s. White bathrooms once again became the default choice for most people with accents provided by coloured walls, mood lighting, and tiles.

By that time, showers were the norm and many households had got rid of their baths completely, opting instead for an enclosed shower.

These days, every house in the UK has a bathroom – even those that didn’t have them when originally constructed. It signalled a boom in the sector and spawned countless new manufacturers – many of whom are still in operation today.


From white… back to bathrooms of old

Like so many things in life, modern bathrooms have taken a huge leaf out of the history books.

During the years when bathroom designs were changed so significantly, the old cast iron baths of Victorian times were replaced with cheaper, lighter resin, acrylic, and fibreglass. This resulted in a huge swathe of colours being used in order to reignite homeowners’ love for their bathrooms.

Despite this, in recent decades, people have moved back to older designs that were last seen during the Victorian period. Modern comforts have simply been integrated into these historical fixtures, including eco-friendly toilets and walk-in steam showers.

As technology advances, we can expect to see a whole range of exciting, smart technology entering the bathroom with more energy saving features and interactive screens becoming part of modern-day life.

So, the moral of the story is: if you’re the sort of person who can’t stand the idea of a stark, white bathroom, don’t be afraid to look into the past for inspiration. Just remember to include those modern comforts to bring it up to date.

Bored of your white bathroom? Consider using green potted plants, adding a black and white geometric floor, some brass accents, rustic wooden accessories, or some blue pops of colour, for example on your towels. You could go for an art deco theme with glamorous mirrors, or add coastal accessories like lighting, artwork, and mats.

If you need help with your new bathroom design, or have any questions as a result of this blog, just get in touch with the Modern Homes team, today.