What we’ve learned from 50 years of working with the best suppliers - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
4 years ago

If you decide to renovate your home by overhauling the kitchen, where do you turn for the supply and fitting?

There are certainly plenty of options, from the big high street chains to one-man-band operations. However, can you really put all of your trust into a huge organisation that has to continually satisfy shareholders or someone who has a bulging diary and just a couple of years’ experience?

Thankfully, there’s an alternative, and it comes in the form of an independent, family-run business that’s been supplying and fitting kitchens for over fifty years.

More importantly, that business should also be able to call on a network of trusted suppliers to deliver the best possible solution every time.

In fifty years of operation, we’ve worked out exactly how to find the best suppliers, and today, we’ll look at one example: Mereway Group.


A little history

When Modern Homes first started trading it immediately formed relationships with the best British manufacturers available at the time. These included English Rose, Elizabeth Ann, and Ladylove to name but a few.

We then moved into the supply and fit of German and Spanish kitchens, and when we moved to our current base in Leamington Spa during the 1980s, we came across Mereway Group.

They instantly caught our eye. In fact, it was like looking in the mirror.


Who are Mereway?

Established in 1986, Mereway Group specialise in affordable luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Like us, they’re driven by a passion for exceptional service and uncompromising quality.

They combine traditional joinery methods with the latest manufacturing technology and the results are, quite simply, stunning.

They’re the quality we want for Modern Homes customers – and that’s what matters.

Relationships like the one we have with Mereway don’t happen overnight – they take many years to develop – and the Modern Homes team have spent decades doing just that. This results in kitchens that stand the test of time and designs which slot perfectly into any home.


A relationship that continues to grow

We’ve been working with Mereway for over 30 years and they continue to produce fantastic, well-made kitchens for our clients that come at a sensible price.

Most importantly, the amount of time we’ve spent working with Mereway has demonstrated that their kitchens last. Testament to that is the fact we’re only now starting to replace Mereway kitchens we installed 25 years ago! And most of that is down to changes in fashion.

For an insight into just how strong their kitchens are, take a look at a stunt they’ve pulled off twice in thirty years – this time, with an Audi sitting on top of their cabinets!


Why are Mereway and Modern Homes so similar?

With so many options out there for consumers these days, a company like Modern Homes needs a real differentiator to tempt people in.

Ours is refreshingly simple. Modern Homes wants to supply fantastic quality kitchens at fair prices while delivering a brilliant customer experience, and we do that by using British manufacturers and focusing on local business.

Mereway are a perfect example, because they’re also a family business – just like us. We worked originally with founder Len Norris, then moved onto working with his two sons, Richard and Bob. Now, we’re working with the granddaughter, Sian!

Both Modern Homes and Mereway are true third generation family businesses, and that means the world to us and our customers.

The net result for Modern Homes customers is a supplier whose proximity and family business ethos enables a great working relationship to develop and products which are of the highest quality.


Is it unusual for business relationships to last this long?

In a world of start-ups and flash-in-the-pan ideas, a company that has been around for over fifty years and which has maintained a relationship with a business of similar standing is something of an anomaly, but that’s a fact of which the Modern Homes family is incredibly proud.

In fact, it’s being part of this continued success that drives the team to continually grow and improve. If you want to benefit from this commitment to success and experience fifty years of customer centricity first hand, get in touch with the Modern Homes team today.

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