What Makes a Great Wardrobe? - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
3 years ago

Deciding on the best way to store your clothes can be a hassle.

Depending on your needs, a big wardrobe with multiple shelves and doors might be essential, or a single door with minimal storage space could fit the bill.

But how do you know what makes a great wardrobe for you?


Understanding your wardrobe needs

The first task when deciding which wardrobe will be great for you, is to decide on the wardrobe’s purpose and have a think about what you need from it.

  • Functionality: First and foremost, knowing which clothes you need to store is vital when picking the perfect wardrobe. Suppose you’re looking to store suits and long dresses; in that case, the hanging area will need to be taller. If those are held elsewhere, and you’re prioritising shirts and shorts, a shorter wardrobe may be optimal.
  • Number of users: If it’s just you using the wardrobe, you can likely opt for a smaller size, but if you share with partners, siblings, or roommates, a larger size is a must (hey, there’ll be less arguments, after all!).
  • Space: If you don’t have much room for a big wardrobe, this might complicate things and force you to be creative. For instance, maybe you want a tall and slender wardrobe, or perhaps you’re more interested in an open-shelf wardrobe.
  • Style: It’s important to look beyond the wardrobe’s use case – particularly if you’re someone who likes things to look good and add to the room’s overall aesthetics. Remember – you can have a fabulous looking wardrobe while also focusing on practical needs.

Which wardrobe is best for me?

Now that you’ve considered your needs, let’s look at the options for a great wardrobe.

  • Mirrored: Wardrobes with full-length mirrors are great for getting ready in the morning. It adds a practical element while also being a great place to take a selfie. But they don’t match well with sticky toddler fingers!
  • Space saver: Space saver wardrobes are also great for those with a cramped space. This style allows you to put shelves and small cupboards on the wall to offer more space on the floor. It also uses the unused wall space for clothes storage. Space saver wardrobes can also be extremely stylish and used even when you don’t need to save space.
  • Single door: If it’s only you using the wardrobe, a single-door, modest wardrobe might be an excellent choice for you. They’re practical, tidy, and keep things easy to organise and work with. There’s no need to add bulky, unnecessary shelves and hanging space.
  • Multi-door: If you’re sharing a room or maybe you have a lot of clothes and shoes, having a more robust, multi-door wardrobe might be the best choice for you. You can have up to four doors with separated space so that everyone using it has their own area.

You can make similar choices with kids’ wardrobes. A smaller wardrobe with more cubby space is the more practical option for a child’s room.

Because you’ll probably be storing small clothes and toys, you can skip the high, slender models and go for a short, decorative wardrobe instead. When they’re at school age you’ll do yourself a favour by having boxes or hangers they can reach by themselves.

Finish off your room with a great wardrobe

With a clearer view of your options, we hope you can now take the leap and pick the best wardrobe for your bedroom needs. But if you need any further advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Modern Homes team, today.