What Do We Do On a Home Visit? - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
6 years ago

It might be obvious, but once you’ve popped into the showroom to see some options, Modern Homes like to come to your home for a home visit and informal chat.

But why? With the rise of the internet and all it brings we can forgive you for thinking this might be able to be done remotely with plans and measurements. We’re often asked if a home visit is essential. Yes, it takes a little time – but we think it’s well worth it to get the result we both want from the work we do for you.

We think you just can’t beat a home visit for many reasons. What many people seem to be understandably fearful of are those awful sales people who come into your home, on your own turf, and try to sell you extra things you don’t need and didn’t ask for. You know the type, right?

Well we hate those types too and their pushy sales tactics are far removed from what we do at Modern Homes.

So why do we offer a home visit as part of the process, and what do we do when we come and see you?

Discuss your requirements and expectations

Firstly we happily welcome you to our showroom so you can have a look at some detailed options. It’s not terribly practical for us to bring sinks, cupboards, appliances, tiles and the like into your lounge to chat over. At the initial stages we can talk about your vision. If you have no vision we can help you to create one!

We’ll talk about your requirements and help you to make the right choices and plan for as many eventualities as possible. We’ll listen to your aspirations for your new kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom design and then match it with the reality of your house, situation and family.

When we visit you we’ll make sure your ideas work in the space you have. It’s a skill to do and we’ve found time and time again that a home visit brings up all types of questions, ideas, problems and wonderful discoveries. It’s been proven over and over again in our 50 year history that the secret of success lies in dealing with issues of the heart in the heart of your home. We know which questions to ask to find the answers to the questions you didn’t know you had!

Share ideas, advice and expertise

Your house is your home and you’re very much connected to it with your heart and soul. Even if you’re new to your home, you’ll be making the decisions from a different view point from us and we doubt with as much experience.

That’s not to belittle your ideas. Oh no. We love to work with clients, we love to listen, we love to talk about your home and your future aspirations for a truly modern and beautiful home. What we do is bring our decades of experience to your home planning and work with your ideas and creativity for the best outcome.

We won’t talk you out of any of your ideas; we’ll just make sure your ideas fit your home, lifestyle, budget and family. And we certainly won’t try and sell you pointless extras and things that won’t help you.

Turn these discussions into a detailed written brief

Ultimately what we need is a plan to work from and then what you need are ideas, pricing and of course trust that we’re the people to get the job done. After your home visit we’ll create a detailed written brief for your project so that you can sit down and work out how you feel about the proposal.

It’s a great starting point and by far the final brief but we like to get the ideas down from the sky, through your mind, and onto paper. It’s a magical thing and essential to the start of any project.

If there is a space built, we’ll measure it carefully; if not we’ll take a copy of your plans

An obvious reason to come to your property is to measure up and make sure what we’re planning to build, create, and order will be right for your space and work for you. Do the doors open into clear space? Does the fridge work that far from the work top? Would your toilet for your new bathroom be better in another place to create more space and flow?

Being ‘on site’ is better than anything you can describe and a thorough measure up is key to success. If you have plans from your architect or builder we’ll take a copy of these to work from of course.

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Then we’ll leave you in peace and get back to our offices to use the information collected to produce a detailed design proposal for you. We’ll include a detailed and individually priced quotation for you to look over and make decisions from.

Please note this service is FREE OF CHARGE. Yup, FREE. We don’t use this home visit as an opportunity to extract money from you and nor do we tie you into an agreement. That’s just not how we work or how we’ve ever worked. Our reputation is everything to us and we’d never do anything to compromise on that.

What we don’t do when we visit your home

Unlike many of the big brands or suppliers out there, this home visit isn’t some trickery of sales and marketing. We do it to give the best possible quotation and service. That’s it.

We won’t:

  • Offer 50% discount if you place the order by Monday!
  • Sell up-sell or cross-sell during our visit and convince you need a new bathroom as well as the bedroom we’re quoting for.
  • Insist that you visit our showrooms to have a ‘presentation’ which is masking some guru ninja sales tactics.
  • Keep most of your paperwork a closely guarded secret to prevent you making any informed decisions so we can fool you into buying something we make more money on.

If we quote for, for example, a fridge, and you’d rather turn down the spec of the fridge a notch or two that’s perfectly fine. We’ll source an alternative that does what you want, within your budget. You’re completely in control at all times.

Which way would you rather we did it?

We feel there’s a lot of people out there in our industry who ruin it for the genuine ones out there. I think you know who we might mean!

We’ll visit your home because we want to give you the best possible service and then the best possible outcome for your beautiful living space.

Oh… and we’re really nosy and love looking around other people’s homes for inspiration – but we think that’s a good trait for a home specialist, don’t you?

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can improve your home then do pick up the phone or drop us an email. Get to know us and read some of our testimonials from happy customers. We’re ready to chat, not ready to trick.