The Hidden Benefits of Handle Less Kitchens - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

You don’t have to be an expert on kitchen designs to notice that handleless kitchens are having a moment. While Shaker-style designs will always be popular, a lot of our clients are opting for handleless designs as an alternative to traditional styles.


Why are handleless kitchens so popular?

At Modern Homes, we believe there’s more than one reason why people are opting to handleless kitchens. Here are some of the main reasons why handleless kitchens seem to be so popular.


Handleless kitchens have a sleek design

Handle-free doors have a sleek and streamlined style that will suit both modern and period properties. They also offer a range of practical benefits that make them perfect for busy families. Cleaning is simple with no fiddly pieces sticking out, so you can be sure your cupboards are hygienic to touch, too.


They’re great for neutral and bold colour schemes

While handleless units lend themselves exceptionally well to a neutral scheme, their clean lines and smooth fronts also give you the chance to get creative with colours and materials.

Some of our customers are opting for a striking two-tone style. We can help you combine bold units with pale or pastel wall cupboards to create an eye-catching contrast. Or we can take your kitchen to the next level by using different materials such as a wooden design or stone-effect finish.

Whether you prefer a bold or neutral kitchen space, some handleless ranges use handle rails as a way to create interest in your room while personalising your kitchen space.

If you’ve chosen to have units in one shade throughout, then opt for a handle rail in a contrasting colour to add depth while emphasising the beautiful clean lines. For example, incorporating shimmering warm metallic handle rails will add depth to your kitchen design.

Handleless kitchens offer a unique opportunity to mix and match different styles and colours, while still providing a consistent design. They, therefore, allow you to gain great aesthetic benefit for your kitchen and living space. So, you can easily transform your kitchen into the style you desire.


Handleless designs offer seamless continuity

With many homes becoming multi-functional to keep pace with modern life and hybrid working, many homeowners seek stylish, open-plan spaces. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or extending it to make it a more comfortable eating space, handleless units are a great way to create a seamless continuity between areas. For example, if you’d like a more harmonious look throughout your living space, then why not extend a run of units from the kitchen through to the living room?

Handleless designs will help enhance the flow across different parts of your home by adding a sense of blended design.


Maximise storage space

Handleless kitchens encourage you to have clutter-free surfaces, which adds to the calm and sleek look they’re known for. Handleless kitchens will therefore complement a minimalist design.

Luckily, staying organised and maintaining a tidy kitchen space is straightforward, thanks to our range of innovative storage solutions. When planning your new kitchen, we can provide handleless units with deep and wide drawers, to help you store everyday items, such as crockery and utensils. We’ll also help you make sure everything can be easily found.


They provide a space-saving solution

If you’re choosing units for a smaller kitchen, handleless designs offer a great space-saving solution. With their smooth slab doors and clean lines, they create the illusion of space, as there are no handles to interrupt the flow of the kitchen. Handleless kitchen units therefore open up the space, making even the smallest of kitchens seem more spacious.

Want to open up a cramped room even further? Opt for a light-reflecting gloss finish. Handleless kitchens also remove the risk of hazardous handles, which is very important for families with young kids.

Would a handleless kitchen design suit your needs? Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.