Seasonal Changes in Colour to Freshen Up Your Kitchen - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
5 years ago

A brand new kitchen looks fresh and vibrant when done well. If you’re a clean and tidy person who takes pride in their home environment then your kitchen is likely to stand the test of time and maintain that newly-fitted feeling for years to come.

Although elements of your kitchen might be changeable, you’ll probably keep it largely the way it is for many years. On average homeowners change their kitchen every 15 years so you need to make the right decisions when you choose a new one!

The cabinets, basin and appliances might well be in it for the long haul, but there’s plenty you can do to give your kitchen a new lease of life or simply keep it looking different throughout the year.

You can make smaller changes all the time. One really simple way to do this is to vary the accent colours in your kitchen. A new coloured kettle, patterned crockery, tea towels, and anything on display, can give you a new look and feel in an instant in a more cost-effective way.

Opticolour recently shared their autumn/winter range of splashbacks with us and it got us thinking about changing the rather striking, contemporary splashbacks from time to time and the impact that would have.

If you’re looking to add some wow factor to your kitchen then a fresh splashback would certainly do that for you!

In their new range you’ll find these beautiful colours:

  • Blue Suede
  • Chalked Mauve
  • Turtle Green
  • Cinnamon Burst

All four have been chosen for their autumn/winter feel but you’d get away with these all year round. Here’s what they say about the range. Have a peek at these new colours to get your creative juices flowing…

Blue Suede

A deep shade of midnight.

Blue suede is seen as a sophisticated and versatile colour and one that will match with most kitchen styles. It’s stylish and versatile and Opticolour say it’ll go well with every colour from dark grey and green, to pinks and yellows, to white and cream. 

They’re also confident that blue suede will also work in every type of interior from rustic, or industrial to mid-century or traditional. We think it would look great in modern kitchens with simple white cupboards.

Chalked Mauve

Mid-grey with purplish undertones.

Grey is the new black… well, it’s popular anyway. We’re seeing a trend for the use of grey in kitchens on walls or furniture and Opticolour agree with their introduction of this contemporary twist on a classic that they say will add a “warm and welcoming atmosphere” to your kitchen space.

This would work well with many interior styles but especially when combined with white and wood in a Scandi-inspired space! This would look fabulous with some plum accessories to bring out the purple tones in the grey.

Turtle Green

Dark green with a rich velvety appearance

Green? Yes! Unlike the avocado bathroom suites that have thankfully moved on from our lives, dark green is a dramatic but warm colour that will add depth to neutrals but also give you a wonderful contrast to the lighter colours in your kitchen, especially wood or wood effect. Again you may choose to keep your storage units neutral in white or wood colours.

Opticolour also suggest that this deep green harks back to the classic British life with racing cars and Barbour jackets! Oh, I say! Metallic colours like gold and copper really come to life against this elegant green colour too.

Cinnamon Burst

A bronze sparkle finish.

Cinnamon Burst is stunning bronze glass with a sparkle finish that Opticolour can add to their splashbacks. The idea is that your ‘special-effect’ splashback will ‘add contemporary flair to your space, for interior decor that is fresh, original and eye-catching’. 

The way the light catches these special flecks is wonderful and really does add some wonderful detail to an otherwise flat colour. Sparkles like this Cinnamon Burst pair well with darker colours on cabinets and furniture and would look amazing in a kitchen with other bronze or gold details like a feature brass hanging centre light. You can easily find bronze effect storage jars, knife sets, bowls, and other kitchen tools and gadgets.

A really simple but highly effective change…

Splashbacks are more than a functional item and more often than not can become the centre piece for your kitchen. We recently shared this in our recent blog about splashbacks where we explained why you need splashbacks and which one to choose.

You don’t have to be limited to seasonal colours either. On the Opticolour website you’ll find a huge range of options to give your kitchen a new lease of colour that you can change as often as you like.

Take a look and get some inspiration. If you’re not keen on changing the splashback, maybe opt for changing the items on display in your kitchen and match them up with the towels and cups for a simple but noticeable change.

Need more help? Or maybe it’s time for a brand new kitchen? Contact us now and we’ll have a chat!