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by Tina Riley
5 years ago

Few people are blessed with stunning views when they look out of their kitchen window. In fact, when we first started designing kitchens we realised that the normal view is of a sink below a window looking out at next door’s fence!

Luckily, the kitchen designs of today allow us to bring the outdoors, indoors.

So, if you don’t have the view you want from your kitchen, what can you do to bring the outdoors in?

Take advantage of natural light

The humble back door has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with many homeowners opting for bifold doors – in spite of the variable British weather.

This is just one way to let in as much natural light as possible, but you can achieve a similar effect with larger windows or traditional French doors.

The more natural light you can flood into your kitchen, the larger the space will feel. It’ll also make the garden more accessible and might even tempt you to use your outdoor space on a more regular basis.

Choose a designer who can work in harmony with nature

By working with a great kitchen designer, you can ensure your kitchen and garden work in perfect harmony.

An abundance of natural light, as noted above, is important for your health and wellbeing, so ensure the design takes advantage of it. For instance, you could situate the island or seating area wherever the room receives the most natural light during the day.

Sight lines are also vitally important. An uninterrupted view of your garden can be achieved by ensuring there are no units or appliances installed where they obstruct your line of sight.

Think storage

If you want to use your outdoor space regularly, you’ll need somewhere to store the furniture and items you intend to place outside. Just make sure they’re easily accessible so it isn’t too much of a chore to set up your outside space when you want to make the most of the weather.

It’s also worth investing in a space heater or waterproof sail to ensure you’ll be tempted to use the outdoor space even when the weather isn’t perfect.

Create an outdoor cooking space

If you’re a dedicated outdoors type and want to indulge in plenty of alfresco dining, have a think about how you could create a cooking space in your garden.

A permanent brick-built BBQ and small prep area might be all you need to ensure you can easily transfer from kitchen to garden whenever you want to cook outside. Obviously if budget allows you can go the whole hog and invest in a bar compete with fridge and some shelter from the weather.

Enhance the flow between inside and outside

Lighting plays a big role in the home, and a well-considered lighting scheme will enhance the flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Separate lighting for both the kitchen and garden will enable you to connect or disconnect the two areas independently, whenever the need arises.

Garden illumination will be significantly improved by your kitchen lighting, because if you decide not to have blinds or curtains, the presence of light inside will stop your glass doors taking on the appearance of a big, black wall. It’ll also ensure your fabulous new kitchen space is as welcoming at night as it is during the day!

Have we got you excited about bringing your outside, inside and vice-versa? Get in touch with our team today to discuss the perfect design for your kitchen.

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