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by Tina Riley
5 years ago

It was always hard to get excited about radiators when they only came in their white, one-size-fits-all variety.

Now, thankfully, things are rather different. Thanks to recent innovations in the designer radiator market (yep, that really does exist), we now have access to models that suit every style and budget.

This has proved invaluable when designing our latest kitchens and bathrooms. But how do the latest radiator styles enable us to achieve a bold or unique look at a relatively low cost?

Colour and space

Who says radiators have to be white?

Granted, we’ve seen other colours used throughout history, but they’re usually dour shades of grey or brown and typically found in classrooms or pubs having been painted with thick metal paint.

Good news! Modern aluminium radiators can now be supplied in a vast number of RAL colours (the European colour matching system). This enables us to inject some much-needed design flair into any room and ensure the radiators blend effortlessly into the existing decor.

Choosing a radiator style to suit your room is becoming increasingly easier, too. If you want traditional, there are plenty of options, but there are also Georgian and Edwardian styles available which combine a traditional radiator with surrounds that can safely keep towels warm.

Towel rails

Bathroom radiators are commonly used as towel rails, and offer a rather ingenious form of storage that just so happens to speed up the towel drying process at the same time. Or keep them toasty warm ready for when you’ve finished your bath or shower.

However, if you’ve experienced a badly designed towel rail, you’ll know how much of a faff it can be to place wet towels on them. Invariably, you’ll spend far too long folding and re-folding the towel in order to make it fit and avoid resting on the towels that are already there.

The latest bathroom towel rails dispense with the traditional white or chrome ‘ladder’ style. Instead, we now have access to side loading towel rails and those which featuring a swing arm, making the process of putting wet towels on a warm radiator far easier.

What’s more, towel rails no longer have to be confined to the bathroom. The addition of electric heating elements in many modern radiators means your towels or clothing can stay dry and warm even during the summer months, no matter which room the radiator is situated in.

Limited space? No problem

British bathrooms are often short on space, which is why vertical radiators with a mirrored finish are becoming so popular.

These radiators reflect more natural light, which can increase the perceived space in any room, but also take up less room and limit how much floor space is eaten up – unlike their horizontal cousins.

In fact, there are so many size and configuration options now available for radiators, that you’ll invariably find something that will combine great heat distribution without taking up too much space.

What do we recommend?

In keeping with our preference to use the best British manufacturers, we’re proud to recommend three leading radiator manufacturers who we think offer the best variety for budgets and homes of all sizes.

  • The Sussex Range. Offering a stunning range of stainless-steel radiators manufactured in their Sussex factory, these guys even provide a whopping 25-year warranty.
  • Vogue UK. Established in the West Midlands in 1990, Vogue UK have tonnes of experience in radiator design and manufacture and even offer a bespoke service for anyone who wants something truly unique.
  • Radox. We love Radox for their really unusual designs (including the fabulous Quartz range that offers a digital image of your choice printed on the radiator). If you want something totally unique, you’ll find it here.

If you’ve got a radiator-related question or quandary, we’d be happy to chat to you. Get in touch with us today!

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