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by Tina Riley
1 week ago

As a seasoned veteran of the Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom (KBB) industry for over four decades, attending trade shows has become somewhat of a ritual for Tina. These events are helpful platforms to stay updated on the latest trends, products, and technologies while building connections and having a laugh (and a gossip) with fellow industry peers.  

Truthfully a lot of the shows blend into each other – obviously a couple are etched in Tina’s memory, for example, 2020 where the only thing she came back with was Covid and possibly 2022, which was the first show back where people were meeting face-to-face and not over Zoom. However, the KBB event of 2024 has been a real stand-out event. 

So, how was KBB 2024? We have one word – busy!

The first stop, as always, was the AEG stand. As an Elite Premier Partner, the anticipation of discovering their latest innovations was matched only by the eagerness to reconnect with familiar faces. AEG did not disappoint, unveiling a stunning new Matt Black scratch-resistant induction hob that left us in awe. Paired with an improved range of canopy cooker hoods, these offerings promised both style and functionality—a winning combination for any modern kitchen. 

As we kept looking around, we were really impressed by the clever storage ideas from Vauth Sagel. They had some excellent ways to save space that we think would be great for our future projects. After all, it’s not just about looking good, but also making sure that spaces are practical and ready to handle day-to-day life, which can be more than a little hectic for lots of people. 

What really stood out to use too was how much smart home stuff there was. You could control everything with your voice or from an app. They even had TVs built into oven doors and cooker hoods, so home recipes can be followed easily – yum! 

But alongside all this fancy tech, there was a big focus on bringing nature indoors through biophilic design which we just love. The neutral colours which we have seen for many years were gone, and instead replaced with lots of bold colours everywhere. We’re talking deep blues, greens, and terracotta; just glorious! 

Some winning products for the innovation awards was Samsung for their new external washing machine filter. This niffy creation is designed to reduce plastic microfibre emissions getting back into the water supply. Although the people’s choice went to HideaLoo. This is a steel mechanism which allows a WC to be rotated back into its base unit hiding it, which is apparently useful in small apartments. Although, we could only think that it’s not very useful if you are in a hurry and bursting for the loo, only to have to wait for it to reveal itself! Might be one that you need to explain to guests too…  

To sum up, we left KBB2024 feeling excited, inspired and eager to add some of the new products to our showroom. The atmosphere was great and supportive, and we can’t wait for the next one! 


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