“It's Five o'Clock Somewhere!” Time To Install A Home Bar? - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

We’re sure you’ve probably heard of the saying ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere’. This phrase, which was the title of a 2003 song by Alan Jackson, means that even though it’s not five o’clock in the drinker’s time zone, it must be in another part of the world. 5 pm is typically the start of ‘happy hour’ at some restaurants and bars so it’s a great way of justifying an early tipple. So if you’re pouring yourself a beer at 11.30 in the morning and someone says “It’s a bit early isn’t it ?” your response would be, “Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”.

With what we’ve all been through over the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that we reach for the gin or wine bottle to help us relax. So how can we enjoy this even more? Well, have you considered a home bar?

A home bar?

Because staying in is the new going out these days, being able to make yourself an enjoyable drink at home, whether it’s alcoholic or not, has become more important.

We’re sure you saw some of your Facebook friends build their own outside garden bar during the Covid lockdown when men with bits of random wood were allowed to play around too much! But you don’t need to create a full-blown bar with a custom-made counter, leather stools, and pub games, to have a stylish and functional home bar. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the space for anything too complicated. A home bar is one of the ultimate indulgences for a homeowner. It’s by no means essential, but all the more satisfying for that very reason!

Where will it go?

We don’t want to let the size of our houses break up the party, so here are some design ideas that can give you inspiration on how to create the home mini bar of your dreams ready for your very own happy hour – no matter what time of day it is. Regardless of how much space you have, you can create a dedicated area for cocktails or even coffees with these simple tips.

So, let’s discuss how to bring the party to the kitchen and create your own cocktail bar – it’s worth a shot!

Our top five tips to create your dream bar area

If you love hosting at your house, then we’d suggest creating an integrated bar area in the hub of your home as a permanent solution. Why limit happiness to just the one hour, after all?!

How to create a built-in bar

When you choose an expert designer they can help you make the most of any space, whether that’s a hidden alcove or an awkward spot. They know how to maximise every inch of available space to help you create your dream bar area. You won’t need a huge area – a unit underneath with a wine cooler and then some stylish shelving will create the bar zone you need to give you the chance to relax.

If you’re after the premium look, opt for the same style units and worktops as your kitchen. (If your kitchen is dated and needs to be refurbished, we can also help with that.) You can integrate a mixture of open and hidden storage to enable you to easily access your favourite drinks while keeping the mess to a minimum.

Which drinks fridge?

A quick online search will show you the vast range of options for drinks fridges. Drinks or wine coolers are brilliant as they keep your beverages at the optimum temperature and all in one place to help you select the right one. So, how do you choose one? When looking at the top picks on the market, it’s important to evaluate them on features including capacity, temperature settings, and extras like lighting and security features.

Firstly, consider the capacity of your cooler. You can get some sleek petite styles that perfectly cool around seven bottles, or if you’re a connoisseur or big fan of wine and you have the space, you can opt for a full-height version with a capacity of over 120. Perfect for entertaining – or if you’ve had a really bad day. There are options with different temperature zones so you can keep your red and white wine separate. This is essential if you’re thinking of growing your collection. Red wine should be stored between 12-19 degrees Celcius, and white wine should be kept between 8-12 degrees. Champagne needs to be even colder, at temperatures between 5-8 degrees.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Want to give your home bar a more commercial feel and make the space appear larger? Try adding a mirrored splashback. It encompasses everything a bartender needs all in one space, including metal shelving overhead with glasses hanging ready, and a large wine cooler underneath. If you like being a bit ‘extra’ (who doesn’t?!) you could personalise it with graphics, an image, or a logo.

Not much space? No problem

Not many of us have a vast amount of space where you can create a bar to sit at in your existing home layout. Over the last few decades, traditional home bars have been replaced by breakfast bars and kitchen islands where we might sit to drink our evening drink. But if you can put together a dedicated station to mix your drinks, whether that’s a simple tray or a bespoke cabinet, you’ll find it fun and your guests will enjoy it too. Are there any areas of your kitchen workshop or dresser you can convert into a small bar area? All you need is a tray to put your drinks on, or a shelf with hooks for your glasses, a couple of cocktail recipe books, a shaker set, and a bowl with fruit for garnishes. You could display only your favourite or most beautiful glasses, and keep the rest tucked away in a nearby cupboard.

Not sure that’s the only cool thing you want in your kitchen? (Terrible pun intended.) Why not check out our blog on some of our favourite options for your perfect new kitchen?

If you’re feeling inspired and a little thirsty, get in touch with our fantastic design team who can help you make your house into the perfect modern home.