How To Transform Your Kitchen To Accommodate Life's Milestones - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
1 year ago

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and plays host to many precious moments. With this in mind, you need a kitchen that is able to accommodate you, no matter what stage of life you’re at. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together some ideas on how to transform your kitchen. 

Moving in together 

Moving in together is an exciting milestone in a relationship! It does come with some challenges though, one being space. If you find you’re needing a little extra room now there are two (or more) of you in the same space, there are plenty of options that can totally transform your kitchen. 

An open plan layout is a great way to increase space and seamlessly blend your kitchen with your living areas. This makes it easy to socialise and enjoy culinary experiences together without having to squeeze past one another. You could also consider a kitchen island for extra counter space or keep it simple with swanky new cabinets that maximise storage – after all, twice the people equals twice the stuff!  

Welcoming new family members  

If your family includes tiny tots, it’s essential that your kitchen is suitable for children. Fresh cabinets that are easy to childproof and have the appropriate amount of storage are a great way to ensure that your kitchen stands the test of time. Life with kids gets hectic, so ensuring your kitchen is organised and everything you need is easily to hand will save you stress later on.  

New family members can include the four-legged variety 

Yes, we’re talking about man’s best friend; dogs! If you have a dog or have plans to add a pup to your family, save yourself hassle later by making sure your kitchen is equipped with dogs in mind 

Think integrated feeding stations, doggy specific storage, pet friendly appliances, and of course, easy-to-clean flooring. We also offer the lovely Sweepvac, so you can easily sweep pet hairs into a kick-vacuum embedded in your cupboard plinth. Opt for durable materials that can cope with nails, hair, spills, and muddy paws. Fortunately, there are plenty of options from porcelain tiles to luxury vinyl so you won’t need to compromise on style. 

Keep ageing in mind 

When transforming a kitchen to suit all the twists and turns of life, it is also beneficial to keep ageing in mind. For older adults, comfort, safety, and accessibility are essential. This is especially true when thinking about hot appliances such as ovens. We recommend a hide-and-slide door oven which allows you to easily reach into the oven reducing the risk of burns. You can also safety-proof your hob by choosing an induction hob. This only conducts heat when in contact with a high ferrous metal content pan, so the risk of accidental fires and burns is reduced. Many also include extra safety options, like shatterproof glass and smart switch-off. 

To make your kitchen as ergonomic as possible, make sure to include user-friendly appliances, such as touch control taps. This will stop you from wrestling with taps that are awkward to turn or pull.  

Your flooring choice is equally important when transforming a kitchen with age in mind. Choose something that is both non-slip and requires minimal effort to clean. You can go one step further too and opt for darker floor colours that don’t show marks or stains as easily. 

To learn about the ways we can help you to transform your kitchen, just get in touch. We’ve been helping people create the kitchen of their dreams for years, and you can trust us to listen to what you need.