How to Create a Pet-Friendly Kitchen - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
3 years ago

Ah, there’s nothing like the smell, feel, and beauty of a brand-new kitchen, is there?

That is, until you let the pooch back in from the garden and he decides to shake all of the mud, grit, and dust from his back garden tear-around session across your new tiles and cabinets.

As much as we all love our pets, they do create some challenges when it comes to keeping certain rooms in tip-top condition.

This is particularly the case with the kitchen, which is often the first port of call made by your pets when they come back in from time outside. The good news is that you can do some very simple things to create a pet-friendly kitchen.


Create a boot room

If you have the space, a boot room is a brilliant idea for both your outdoor gear and your pets.

Muddy paws and dirty boots are a nightmare for your lovely kitchen – especially during the winter months. But with a boot room, you can ensure all of that mess is contained within one designated area.

Your boot room will be ideally situated as close to the entrance door as possible, but it’ll also need plenty of space in which to store coats, boots, and collars.

One way to do this is to combine storage with a seating area. It’s a great idea to have somewhere on which to perch yourself while removing those boots or giving your four-legged friend a good rub down. You can do this with relatively inexpensive and compact seat-come-storage boxes.

Another great tip is to use tall storage units to hide away all of the extra items such as your winter coats, treat bags, and ball throwers.

If you’re blessed with plenty of space for your boot room, why not add a sink area? A Belfast-style sink is perfect for these scenarios, because it’s great for washing muddy paws (or even the kids) when you re-enter the house.


What if you can’t create a boot room?

If you simply don’t have the space or budget for a dedicated boot room, all is not lost. Instead, you can incorporate a similar space within the kitchen itself.

The best way to do this is situate it somewhere that’s convenient for you and your pet – for instance, either near their basket or feeding station.

If you can, try and pick a quieter area of the kitchen and one which is as far away as possible from any of your food prepping areas.

When planning out a new kitchen, you can make this a lot easier for yourself. Be sure to choose a kitchen style that’s easy to clean. For instance, because cats are prone to jumping onto worktops, a surface which is easy to wipe down is a must.

Similarly, keep in mind that high gloss units will show smudges from dog noses and tails, therefore a matt finish will probably make your life a whole lot easier. The same goes for the flooring; something that can be swept and mopped easily is the order of the day, and if you decide to add a rug, just make sure it’s washable.

Lastly, as any dog owner will know, you’ll accumulate a lot of stuff for them, from toys to leads, treats, and that huge collection of poo bags. To ensure this stuff doesn’t clutter your kitchen, identify a spare cupboard or unit that is solely for the dog, and keep everything tidily tucked away.

We’ve spent many years designing kitchens that includes spaces for dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters – you name it! If you think we can help you and your furry friends, just get int touch with the Modern Homes team!