Home Interior Trends for 2021 - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
3 years ago

If, like many, you’ve set your sights on home improvements this year, you might be wondering what style to opt for.

This is a tricky decision, because if you get it wrong, you might be saddled with something you ultimately regret. There’s nothing worse than expending loads of effort and expense on a new kitchen, for instance, only to watch as it quickly dates.

The trick lies in keeping an eye on upcoming trends. More importantly, trends that are likely to last.

This isn’t easy, but that’s why we’re here. We’ve scoured the latest trends and kept a beady eye on those that we think are going to provide the best investment in 2021 and beyond.

Here are our predictions for the most important kitchen and bathroom trends of 2021.


The kitchen

It’s where we all end up during parties, but the kitchen is also the hub of pretty much every home and, for many, a space in which to work.

If you’re currently home-schooling, you’ll know the kitchen is also a pretty handy classroom when needed, too.

This means designers are having to work hard to devise kitchens which are multi-purpose and capable of changing their function throughout the day.

Kitchen redesigns this year are likely to encapsulate the following.

  • Health and hygiene. Kitchens have always benefited from being hygienic, obviously, but following the events of 2020, this is a topic that’s more important than ever. We should therefore expect to see more antibacterial worktops and ‘fragranite’ sinks with sanitised coatings. For the same reason, we’ll see cooker hoods with air purification, self-cleaning appliances, and dishwashers with programmes designed to kill bacteria.
  • Hot taps. Once a cool gadget only affordable by those with deep pockets, taps which instantly provide boiling water are now far more attainable. Everyone wants convenience these days, right?
  • A touch of nostalgia. It has long been suggested that during uncertain times, people yearn for the comfort of tradition and yesteryear. That’s why there’s been a resurgence in traditional ‘shaker style’ kitchens with pantries and storage larders. Expect also a return of timber and marble for surfaces.
  • Dining in. Thirty-two percent of Brits have suggested that their eating habits will change forever after lockdown. This will lead to appliances with added programmes to make cooking at home as easy as possible. And it’s a similar story with fridge-freezers and food storage; expect to see larger capacity units to cope with the larger volume of food we’re all hoarding.

Clearly, the 2021 kitchen isn’t going to look hugely different, but it’s the small touches which will make for a far more efficient space that’s ready for more use than ever before.


The bathroom

What about the bathroom in 2021? If you’re considering a renovation this year in the second most important room of the house (OK, we appreciate that’s debatable), here’s what you need to look out for.

  • Yep, there’s that word again. And, yes, hygiene has always been important in bathrooms, but from this year onwards, expect to see more of a focus on the ease of cleaning. This will include anti-bacterial appliances and sensor-driven, touchless technology for toilet flushing.
  • Statement styles. Bathrooms aren’t always known for their statement styling, but we’ve seen a notable increase in homeowners wishing to make this particular room ‘pop’ a bit more. The reason? With boutique hotels and spas not quite as readily available at the moment, why not create a beautiful sanctuary in your home?
  • Large showering areas. A nice shower at the end of a long day is made even more special if the shower in question is spacious. The same goes for baths; expect to see a trend for larger units this year and beyond as people look to create their ultimate home haven.
  • Natural colours. The presence of calm colour schemes in bathrooms looks set to continue this year with natural colours called upon to help homeowners relax and recharge.
  • Eco-awareness. Consumer awareness about the impacts our lifestyles are having on the planet is increasing. This is why eco-awareness is likely to feature heavily in modern bathroom design. UK-manufactured products will probably increase in popularity as a result.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of food for thought when it comes to kitchen and bathroom designs in 2021.

If you’re nearly ready to start thinking about your kitchen or bathroom renovation and you’d like to run your ideas by us, just get in touch!