Finishing Touches for Your Beautiful New Bathroom - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

Many of us dream of having a relaxing space to unwind after a busy day. At Modern Homes, we’ve put together a guide to some finishing touches for your bathroom so you can create a beautiful room for you to relax.


Minimalism is Key

Minimalism is the secret to a relaxing bathroom. It’s a concept we’re all familiar with yet struggle to enforce. Bathrooms are a particularly difficult place to keep looking minimal, but overcrowding your bathroom surfaces will do very little for relaxation. In fact, it does quite the opposite and can cause more stress and clutter; two things we’re trying to avoid.

We’re here to help you embrace minimalism and you’ll soon discover how easily your bathroom can be transformed with beautiful accessories and storage-saving pieces recommended by Modern Homes.

Once you’ve cleared your bathroom of the usual clutter, we suggest adding some of the following finishing touches and storage ideas to create a polished, complete look.



Never underestimate the power of a stylish bathroom mirror. Not only will a mounted mirror allow you to see your reflection much clearer than a handheld or vanity mirror, but it can also brighten up the room, reflect light and even make the space appear bigger.

Colour changing LEDs and ambient lighting effects are amongst many features that bathroom mirrors now offer, alongside integral chargers and Bluetooth connection. Integral heating pads also prevent the mirror from misting up after a bath or shower.

We love the Solas bathroom mirror.


Baskets & Drawers

A simple cabinet or slim chest of drawers can surprisingly take up less space than having all your products scattered around the room. Try using simple drawers or storage containers for all your skincare, cleaning products, and toilet rolls. This will help keep them dry, allow for more surface space, and keep clutter out of sight.

This easy clean corner shower basket is very useful.


In-Shower Storage

An in-shower shelf is useful for storing your everyday products such as shampoos, shaving gel, and shower gel without taking up any floor space. Store your extra products, refills and things you don’t use often under the sink out of sight. This shower shelf with built in magnetic squeegee attachment also has a safety bar.


Other Accessories

In a current survey, 88% of people revealed that they use their smartphone whilst on the toilet and out of these nearly 1 in 5 admitted to accidentally dropping their phone down the loo! To prevent this disaster from happening to you, why not try this combined toilet roll holder with anti-slip matt for your phone? The perfect solution.