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by Tina Riley
5 years ago

We love it when a new Dulux launches a new colour, and with 2020 just around the corner (can you believe that?!), the world’s most recognisable paint company has done it yet again.

Ready to transform your home? Tranquil Dawn aims to help you do just that.

What is the Dulux Colour of the Year?

At Modern Homes we love Dulux. While there are plenty of other brands out there to which we sometimes turn when helping our customers design their ideal kitchens and bathrooms, Dulux usually comes up with a winning shade.

Each year, a bunch of paint colour specialists in the Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre get together with a team of top international design experts to talk about the trends that will affect us all during the forthcoming new year.

Colour plays a massive part in our everyday lives, but the best colours do so with very little effort. The team at Dulux understands this, which is why their trend discussions each year always result in fascinating and useful colour trends.

Each year, they’ll focus on just one colour they believe will be capable of positively impacting homes and people all over the world and create four beautiful shades from it.

The result? A mood and style to suit everyone, based on one single colour. And, in 2020, that colour is known as Tranquil Dawn.

A new decade and a fresh start

2020 is rapidly approaching, and that signals the dawn of a new decade. It’s a fresh start for us all, and this is the exact inspiration the guys at Dulux leaned on when they began designing next year’s Colour of the Year.

This increasingly hectic world we live in is filled with digital distractions, and, as Dulux neatly puts it, that calls for some “meaning and kindness” to be added to our everyday lives. We’re all for that!

Tranquil Dawn is a new shade of paint that’s inspired by the colours of the morning sky at dawn. As you can see from the images on this blog, it’s a beautifully muted colour, and one which appears to change depending on the tones with which it’s matched.

We think it’ll work brilliantly in different palettes, from warm, to neutral or soft. Described best as somewhere between blue, grey, and green (with the latter perhaps most obvious), Tranquil Dawn is designed to become the perfect colour trend for 2020.

Dulux paint 2020 range

Shifting tones

It’s amazing what paint can do once on a wall or ceiling, and Dulux has suggested that Tranquil Dawn is capable of subtly shifting its tone depending on the shades it’s used alongside.

We’ll wait to see it in person before giving our final verdict on this new colour, but the idea of using Tranquil Dawn alongside a sandy tone, for instance, feels pretty exciting. Imagine the relaxed space that might create to help us all with our wellbeing and positivity! For more inspiration have a look at the Dulux colour palettes.

You can do a lot with paint, and we can’t wait to get our hands on Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2020!

If you’d like to discuss this colour option for your bathroom or kitchen, or indeed any aspect of home renovation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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