Could Green Be The New Beige? - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

Since we moved on from the colour Magnolia in the 1980s, white has been consistently very popular. It feels light and refreshing and goes with anything. However, we would like to make an argument for considering green as your neutral. 

Incorporating green into your home 

When paired with darker colours or neutral tones, green hues stand out as revitalising and modern. You shouldn’t be scared to combine different materials and patterns either. Don’t be shy about using green in all its many nuances; in fact, we adore it when rooms do just that. Green tiles, wallpaper, worktops, furniture, drapes, and more are all fair game, in addition to the green paint on the walls. Blend different elements to create a stunning final product. 

Ties to nature 

The desire to refresh interiors and include elements of nature has contributed to green’s rapid rise in popularity. Using green as a neutral colour results in a space that’s both comforting and in harmony with nature. Many people in today’s busy world depend on places of peace and calm that have been purposefully created for them.

Green makes you think of fresh new growth in the springtime, like grass and leaves. If you’re looking for a safe, neutral colour to use in your home, green is a great choice.  

Green’s power of relaxation 

Reducing stress can help you in many ways, both mentally and physically. Decreased stress levels have been linked to improved health outcomes, including reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and fatigue. Consider decorating with greenery if you frequently have stress-related health problems including headaches, sleeplessness, and irritability. One of the most effective ways to bring in nature and lessen anxiety would be to get some real plants.  

Easing into the green 

It doesn’t matter what colour your walls are or what colour your chairs are; green will always look right at home in your living room. Soft furniture is the simplest method to bring colour to a room without departing from a neutral colour scheme. Add throw pillows with a hint of green, or experiment with new draperies, lamp shades, and rugs. 

Loving the idea of nurturing green decor but don’t know where to start? Get in touch today.

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