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by Tina Riley
3 years ago

If we know one thing, it’s that no home is complete without home décor items for every room.

A floor lamp here and some framed wall art there, and your guests won’t be able to stop complimenting your new décor at your next dinner party or barbecue.

The right home accessories can bring life to your home, but knowing what to choose can sometimes be a hassle. There is something to consider for every room, but the end result is worth it (we promise).

Guess what? We’ve got a new in-house product range to get your creative juices flowing!


Home décor items for every room

It’s easy to inadvertently leave out a room when considering your home accessories. Taking it room by room will help you decide which home accessories are right for you.

  • Living Room:

    This room is one of the most important in the house, next to the kitchen. It’s where you’ll chill out and family and friends will gather when it’s your time to entertain. Having the right living room accessories for your home, such as framed wall art and floor lamps, can fill the room with warmth and personality, making you feel more at home.

  • Kitchen:

    The kitchen is arguably the number one spot for home gatherings. Some accessories that will make you feel more at home in the kitchen include decorative bowls or plates that you can fill with fruit or decorative potholders and towels that contribute to the overall theme.

  • Bedroom:

    The bedroom is where you can take a little more artistic license, because chances are, you’re not going to be inviting many guests to take a look! Here, you can enhance your vanity area with a full-length wall mirror and storage containers for your jewellery and make-up. This can make your morning routine a simpler task that you enjoy.

  • Bathroom:

    Bathroom accessories can bring life to the only room in the house that can feel about as welcoming as a doctor’s office. Bath mats and designer toilet seats can give the bathroom the extra push it needs to be welcoming and comfortable for all that use it. As a room in which you’ll spend lots of time, putting a little more effort into decorating will enhance everyone’s bathroom experience.

  • Home Office:

    Often the neglected room in the home décor process, home office accessories can make your workspace more enjoyable. Unique desk clocks can bring life to the mundane, and decorative desk lamps can add warmth and colour to the room, making it a more enjoyable place in which to work. A few small home décor accessories can make the workday fly by.

Making your house your home

Even a well-lived in house needs a few home décor accessories to make every room feel welcoming. Taking the time to carefully craft each room into a work of art that your family and friends will enjoy is worth the time and effort.

Don’t let your home remain a house. Take advantage of all the options available and add warmth and life to every room in your home.

If we’ve inspired you today, just get in touch with the Modern Homes team to find out more.