The Hottest Trends for Kitchens This Year - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
6 years ago

It has been a great year for kitchens so far with some fantastic new colours and finishes emerging. Take a look at this guide and learn how to tap into this year’s hottest trends.

Industrial design is a style that has grown in recent years, particularly in Scandinavia and the trend looks set to continue.  This look is characterised by details such as exposed bricks and pipes, rustic metals and minimalist furniture.  The trend is inspired by factory spaces, but a toned down version can look equally at home within our domestic environment.

As discussed in previous blogs the use of predominantly grey finishes that match with rustic themes will be an ideal option for those seeking the stripped-back, industrial look in their kitchen.

Having clutter-free worktops is an emerging interior design trend whatever make of worktop is installed!  It can open up the space of a kitchen and allows the home cook to calmly prepare their food at a clear surface. The options for cabinetry are developing to enable this layout, carrying various compartments and shelves for everything from seasoning and oils to paper towels and tea bags. Clear worktops can also create the illusion of a larger kitchen space, so for consumers with a smaller kitchen environment, it’s well worth considering having a tidy-up!

Hot on the heels of grey, we’re experiencing a rise in popularity of black and white tones in the kitchen. These colours can work to varying degrees, whether it’s entire cabinets, worktops or appliances, or subtle hues coming through in various details and accents such as kitchen accessories. While black and white have always been popular finishes, demand for grey surfaces of all shades remains a key trend for 2017.

Colour can then be added as splashes of bright colour which in future can be changed without major pricing implications. Single feature walls are not as popular.  We are seeing a move towards using more creative paint finishes to add colour, the use of bands, blocks or subtle stripes that add style in a really creative way.  Using an unexpected pattern like a triangle, for example, is a much more creative way to add bold colour to an area, just like when you choose a great pair of shoes, a tie or special jewellery, it’s those little details that can really complete your look.

To give your décor longevity choose colours that make you feel happy, that way you will ensure that you will love them for many years to come. By picking these colours up in your accessories which you can change easily you will keep your room looking fresh and up to date!