How to Buy a New Kitchen - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
6 years ago

I may surprise you now but where would you think the best place is to start on the project of your new kitchen?

And actually, I am not going to say my fantastic showroom… yet!

I am going to say your existing kitchen.

I always ask my clients to do some homework on their existing kitchen before we begin the design process for the new room. The important information is to work out what does and doesn’t work in your existing room.

We develop a habit in as little as 21 days, so a lot of what you do in your existing kitchen can be just due to habit. This is the time to think long and hard about what does and doesn’t work with a fresh perspective.

I usually suggest spending a couple of weeks with a notepad to hand and each time an issue comes to you make a note of it, such as no worktop space near the fridge for unloading shopping, teaspoons too far away from the coffee/tea making facilities.

Given that the average time between buying new kitchens can be around 17 years, your lifestyle may have changed considerably since your last purchase.

Creating a mood board is a great method of consolidating your ideas, also great value if not everyone sees eye to eye re colours and styles. I used to suggest cutting pictures out of magazines and putting them into a folder. Life is much easier now with places like Pinterest available it is very easy to get inspired.

Armed with this information it is then time to come into our beautiful showroom to actually touch and see the products on offer, where our team will actually take the time to ensure that every inch of your new kitchen is designed with you in mind. Our greatest achievements to date are always when the feedback from our clients is ‘The new kitchen works perfectly for us’, that makes us all very happy!

Bear in mind the overall chosen colour scheme of the bedroom as certain colours can absorb the light so additional lighting features will be required. Be aware now that lamps (bulbs) are available in both cool white and warm white hues so ensure that you have chosen the correct tone for your colour scheme and all fittings will accept the same colour!