Cloakrooms - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
6 years ago

They may be the smallest room in your home but actually can be one of the most used especially if you happen to have a hectic household or entertain regularly!

It is also the room to which more of your guests will visit so if your cloakroom is a vision of exposed dusty pipework and wastes pipes and long-neglected coloured sanitary ware now is the time to take action. Explore the fabulous range of cloakroom fittings that are available to suit every style and budget and make your guests say ‘WOW’.

Whether you are planning a new cloakroom or revamping an existing space always start with the position of the WC which is usually dictated by the position of the soil pipe. WC’s are usually best as a back to wall version with the cistern hidden within furniture or a tiled boxing this can disguise the large ugly soil pipe. This also helps when an existing toilet is low level (with a visible flush pipe between the cistern and pan) this allows the plumbing to go back into the same place within the expense of digging up the floor!

There are specially designed ‘short projection’ models specifically for smaller spaces. You could also consider ‘wall hung’ models which free up the floor area, by keeping the floor visible it can create the illusion of space. Don’t discount utilising corners sometimes space can be maximised by fitting the toilet or basin into a corner.

Storage can be vital even in the smallest room – something as simple as the shelf on your WC boxing or a cupboard under your basin can add valuable storage for a spare loo roll, hand towel or cleaning products.

Any floor based unit under the basin can also hide ugly waste pipes and create storage. Clever basins now also have integral soap dispensers and towel rails.

Lighting in cloakrooms can be more dramatic and is not governed by the strict regulations in a bathroom. There are some stunning illuminated mirrors available which can brighten up the dullest of rooms.

Don’t forget heating as this helps the whole feel of luxury either by using a decorative radiator. Or if wall space is really at a premium consider underfloor heating.

One of the bestselling concepts we have used this year is the comi unit by Eco bathrooms which combines a pan and basin within one unit with all pipework enclosed. This unique space saving design has allowed us to add cloakrooms into the smallest of imaginable spaces!

Last but not least add some glamorous accessories for the ultimate in bling use Swarovski crystal embellished toilet roll holder and towel rails.

Who says a cloakroom cannot be Fabulous!