All Inclusive Bathroom Design - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
8 years ago

When considering a new bathroom it is very easy to concentrate on the here and now.

However, research shows that the number of people who live to be over 85 is rising from 1.4 million to 3.5 million within the next 25 years, which is why we need to design bathrooms for the needs of the whole family in the future.

Historically accessible products had little to get excited about, leading to a bathroom with more in common with a local hospital than the boutique hotel look we all like.  However, over the last few years, this has changed dramatically, making these products much more designer led and appealing in terms of both aesthetics and desirability.

Many products, including low level or flush fitting shower trays, larger walk-in or even walk-through shower enclosures, digitally operated showers and comfort height toilets, are becoming standard products in a lot of newly designed bathrooms.  This means a safer environment for young and old alike using the room.

Precise thermostatically controlled showers with no fiddly levers and remote-controlled buttons, which can be placed at a convenient height for the user, also aid showering.

If a bath is on the wish list, add hydro massage, moulded headrests and integral seats – all ensure relaxing bathing.

Sleek handrails can be incorporated into the design providing support for safety along with non-slip shower trays to ensure a safer environment.

All of these products and many more can be discussed with your bathroom designer to ensure your new bathroom is designed for the future and suitable for multi-generational living, so that includes the grandchildren too!