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by Tina Riley
4 years ago

According to Dulux, we’re going to see three main colour palettes in home design during 2021: retreat, nourish, and reset.

Designed to “redefine your relationship with your home”, these colours clearly reference the impact 2020 has had on all of our lives.

Those names alone conjure up images and feelings we probably all have at the moment. The idea of being able to retreat, nourish, and reset feels incredibly comforting, and that makes it a brilliant choice of colour palette for home design next year.

As always with colour trends, they won’t be for everyone, but if you’re planning on rejuvenating your home during 2021, this could be the perfect tonic.

What room will the 2021 colour trends suit?

As always, the colours chosen by Dulux will work in pretty much any room. The hues will also satisfy most tastes and slot effortlessly into existing aesthetics.

But we think there’s one room in particular which will benefit the most from the retreat, nourish, and reset colour palette: the bedroom.

Those names say it all, but let’s look into the colours in more detail and consider how they might fit into your bedroom.

Breaking down the bedroom colour trends for 2021

You may be tempted by just one of the colour palettes for 2021, or you might decide to implement all three into your bedroom design.

To help you with what is always a tough decision, we’ve decided to break down the trends and reveal their unique qualities.


Retreating to your bedroom after a long day is what dreams – literally – are made of. And that’s where the Retreat colour palette comes in.

It has a beautiful, homely aesthetic, featuring warm whites, muted blues, and neutrals which use brown as their base colour.

Whether you’re sleeping, working out or eating at home, Retreat mixes nostalgia with comfort and security. But it also notes that the home is now a living environment which has to combine work, play, and family. Your bedroom is probably no different, which is why Retreat may suit it perfectly.


We spend more time than ever within digital environments these days, and the requirement to work from home for many people has thrust them even further across the digital divide.

Nourish is the paint equivalent of mindfulness. It encourages us to unplug and be present in the moment. Featuring “biophilic hues of mossy and sage greens, turmeric and citrus”, it’ll do a brilliant job of revitalising your home – and you.

It has a natural beauty about it, too, which is ideal if you want to use your bedroom as a place in which you don’t have constant access to the digital world. Sounds like bliss, right?


If you want to add a little more energy to your bedroom’s decor, Reset might be just the thing you need in 2021.

Unlike Retreat and Nourish, Reset is focused on bold, uplifting colours which create a sense of renewal. It’s certainly a time to renew oneself, but why not do the same with your bedroom?

Reset is a modern colour palette, but it calls on retro influences, too, and uses a mix of blue-greens and reds to create spaces that have a real sense of optimism. Surely, that’s the kind of feeling you want whenever you wake each morning?

If we’ve whetted your appetite for a colour refresh of your bedroom (or any other room) during 2021 but you still have some questions, just get in touch with the Modern Homes team.

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