Autumn is Coming - How To Get Your Bedroom Ready For The Colder Months - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

Summer is nearing its end, and the colder months are drawing in. The leaves start to change colour and, before you know it, pumpkin spice lattes fill the coffee shops and casseroles hit the tables. The fluffy socks are donned with the log burner blazing.  
At home, the focus is on making the change from summer to autumn, with an emphasis on cosiness and comfort, especially in the bedroom.  

Layers and textures to build the warmth 

Our advice is to always think about texture while picking up decorative elements. The key is variety: certain parts of your autumnal palette might be shiny while others are matte, and you should use a wide range of textures and finishes to tie them together.
In preparation for the harsher weather of winter, the autumn season encourages a return to a softer state of being, a time of nesting and hibernation. Your job and life may be hectic and stressful at times, but if you make your bedrooms comfortable and soothing, you’ll be able to unwind at the end of the day and start afresh well rested the next morning. 

Curtains; the top secret comfort item 

To add cosiness to your home, swap out the current summer curtains or blinds for some with a warm-toned, dense fabric. It’s a major game-changer. They’re a great method to retain the heat in your bedroom, and they also bring colour and decorative flair to the space. If you want to keep the cold out, close the curtains and line them with insulated fabric on the back. 

Add cushions, throws and a new bedspread 

When it’s freezing outdoors, there’s nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket with a hot drink. Changing the look of your furniture and bed can be as simple as purchasing some new throws, pillows, or even a thick wool blanket. 
To counter the drabness of the outside, go for bright colours or decorative accents with an autumnal theme. Also, invest in cushion covers rather than entirely new cushions to simply modify the design for very little money and save on storage space. A new bedspread may do the same if you’re bored with your current set of sheets and want to spruce up your bedroom. 

Use warm, autumnal colours 

Autumnal colours include warm terracotta, mustard yellow, sage green, and burnt orange.
You may find golds, coppers, and other browns that would look great combined in your bedroom if you go for a stroll in the woods (maybe even take your dog or family out with you!) and take note of the changing colours of the leaves. The watchwords for this autumn/winter are comfort and sustainability. Comfortable and handy ottomans, wool blankets and warm plaids are perfect, both in the bedroom and in the living room, to be kept on hand for colder days. 

Set the tone with lighting  

A great way to bring in the cosiness is with the right lighting. Whether you are a fan of the scents or not, candles (or fake candles) are an excellent way to set a cosy atmosphere. There are several scented and unscented candle and diffuser options available, all of which are sure to help set the mood for a peaceful evening at home. To create an even cosier atmosphere, use huge pillar candles or dot the room with tea lights.
If you’re not a fan of candles, then fairy lights with a warm white glow draped over or around your bedframe will give the room a warmer feeling and create the same soothing atmosphere without the flames.  

Whether you’re sad to wave summer goodbye, or happily getting ready for the autumn, get in touch today if you need more style tips or interior help. 

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