Another Reason that Buying Local and Independent Wins the Day… - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
5 years ago

Working with local suppliers is a vital part of success for Modern Homes. It enables us to rest safe in the knowledge that we’re relying on people who have the exact same values as us.

This has a brilliant impact on the service we can provide customers, and it’s yet another reason why buying local from independent retailers is such a sound investment for homeowners.

Here are four reasons we should all buy local and help these business relationships flourish.

It keeps money in the local economy

There’s no getting away from the fact that there are a vast number of options online if you want to buy a new kitchen or bathroom.

One search on Google will unearth lots of big name suppliers who promise the world at unbeatable prices.

But where does that money go if you decide to buy with them? Sure, it’ll usually go into the UK economy, but these businesses are often owned by overseas conglomerates. Buy local, and you’ll be putting your money directly into the local economy – the place you call home.

It ensures family businesses can flourish

Once your money goes into the local economy, it ensures the businesses you’re paying can keep paying their rent, staff and making a profit.

Running an independent business in the digital age is a challenge, but it’s one that’s made far more pleasurable when local people turn to you for your products and services.

Keeping local shops open ensures the high street never looks like a ghost town and enables those businesses to reinvest their own funds and time into the local economy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

It helps us build better relationships with suppliers

When people buy from us, they’re helping our local suppliers flourish, too. This helps us build great, long-standing relationships with our partners because it enables us to provide a consistent, reliable source of revenue for them.

In turn, this means we can both provide the best possible service to our customers, because we get to work with the same suppliers over and over again. They become our extended team and we build great friendships with them, too.

It makes a huge difference to the service we provide.

The fitters are local, too!

Our fitters are also based in the local area, which means their wages get reinvested into the local economy, too!

It’s a cycle that never ends; the more people who buy locally, the more those local businesses are able to reward their staff and enable them to spend money with local businesses themselves!

The biggest table ever? No problem!

For an example of how important local suppliers are to us, look no further than Swinsons Masonry. Based in Leamington Spa, Swinsons is a family-run business that has spanned three generations.

We’ve used Swinsons for our quartz and granite worktop needs for many years, and their attention to detail and expert knowledge is second to none.

A little while ago, we were asked by a customer to supply the biggest table we’d ever supplied, and Swinsons managed to fulfil the brief perfectly. The following videos show the team installing a quartz worktop and splash-back in our new showroom display, and we’re sure you’ll agree it looks fabulous!

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