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by Tina Riley
4 years ago

In our experience, partnerships count, big time – particularly when working on significant home renovation projects.

Here’s a case in point. We were recently recommended by building company, James Mann Construction, for a kitchen project they were working on. This resulted in us designing and supplying the kitchen in question, while working closely with James Mann throughout the install.

The result? No delays, a perfect solution for the customer and a further opportunity for improvement which they hadn’t considered before we all put our heads together! (More on that later.)

Here are five reasons why small businesses working together is such a beautiful thing.

  1. There’s one point of contact, linked to all others

If you’ve ever experienced a building project where the constituent trades are only contactable separately and, for some reason, find it incredibly difficult to speak to one another, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.

Will the plumber be coming this week? How long does the electrician need on-site?

By instead working with a bunch of small firms who know and respect each other, you’ll end up with two things:

  • a single point of contact (usually the first person with whom you opened the conversation); and
  • peace of mind that everyone is kept up-to-speed without you having to make countless phone calls.

Sounds like bliss, right? It is!

  1. There’ll be no arguments or blame-gaming

“If the plasterer hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have had to do this.”

“Oh, that was the flooring guy’s fault – he shouldn’t have put that there.”

Blame games, arguments, and misunderstandings usually take place when home renovation projects are undertaken by firms who don’t work effectively together.

When they do work as a single team, everyone owns the elements for which they’re responsible and, as a result, no decision is taken without appreciating how it impacts the rest of the job.

  1. Things will actually happen on time

When we worked with James Mann on the aforementioned kitchen build, our ability to take on the full design and supply process meant they could get on with their own areas of expertise.

This resulted in everything happening on time and zero delays.

Unfortunately, when separate trades don’t work quite so cohesively, delays inevitably take place when communication breaks down or assumptions are made.

Remember the old saying: if it’s everyone’s job, it’s no one’s job.

  1. The finished result will be top-notch, all round

“We are so pleased with it all,” said the owner of the kitchen we worked on with James Mann. “It has completely changed how we use the house and we have been able to get the children involved in the cooking so much more.”

You really can’t say fairer than that. But this demonstrates that the finished result of a joint project will also beat expectations and do so in every way – big and small.

When companies don’t work effectively together, corners are sometimes cut and elements rushed, rather than questions being asked. The result? Something that might look great on the surface, but which begins to fall apart (sometimes, literally!) as time wears on.

  1. New opportunities for improvement will be identified

When we revisited the kitchen to measure up for some lovely new glass splash-backs the customer wanted, we realised that the only down side of the project was the view from the stunning new kitchen.

The back garden hadn’t been touched during the renovation, but it was now clear that it needed to match the incredible new living space in terms of quality.

This prompted us to recommend Formosa Fencing, who subsequently came in and helped the homeowners create a stunning new garden. Would other firms do that if they didn’t have the confidence to recommend their partners?

This is just one example of countless projects where we’ve worked with other local Warwickshire independent businesses to provide the best solution for the client. It’s easier for us, and much easier for our customers, plus they get the result they want – a beautiful home.

Our showroom is currently (April 2020) closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but our design service is still running and we’d be happy to help you plan your dream kitchen.

If you’ve got a home renovation project coming up this year, find out how we can help, with a little help from our friends.

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