11 Bathroom Trends for 2022 - Modern Homes

by Tina Riley
2 years ago

If you like to follow the latest décor, but you’re also conscious that bathroom trends shown on sites like Pinterest will quickly become less popular, it’s worth bearing in mind that bathroom trends tend to stay vogue longer than fashionable designs for other rooms in the house.

So, don’t worry about whether a bathroom remodels will soon be seen as outdated. In our experience, you can usually get more time out of your bathroom when it comes to upgrading the style.

That said, what would now be thought of as a classic bathroom design or a ‘safe choice’ was once not in vogue. However, we believe some trends will last longer than others.

So, if you’re still unsure of which 2022 bathroom trends are likely to add something to your home, here’s our advice on choosing the right products.


  1. Green in the Bathroom

Every year, the big players in colour predictions, like paint brand Dulux and colour experts Pantone make predictions about the shades that are set to define the coming year. However, the colours that will stand the test of time and keep your bathroom trendy for ages can be very different.

While a soft blue called Blue Skies is Dulux’s choice for 2022 and Very Peri, a periwinkle-indigo blue, has been chosen by Pantone, it’s searches for shades like sage and forest green that have boomed over the last year. In fact, they’ve increased by around 23%.

Green isn’t just a trendy choice for your bathroom either, as warmer tones of green also complement brass and copper finishes. So, if you have brass or copper taps and accessories, then these green shades will look especially stylish. Warmer green shades also contribute to a natural tone in a bathroom space.

Introducing colour into a bathroom is easier than ever too, with many new fixtures and fittings being produced in colourful finishes. So, you can be sure that if you opt for a green bathroom, everything will look well-matched.


  1. Larger Showers

Is 2022 the end of the bath? Probably not, but there’s certainly still a trend towards showers over baths.

As most bathrooms in the UK don’t have the space for both showers and baths, more people are choosing to opt for walk-in showers instead. Larger showers are also becoming more popular than smaller cubicles, as they still offer the convenience of a walk-in shower while being more spacious.

Walk-in showers are a great way of maximising your available space and remain more accessible than baths. This helps you to futureproof your home and make it more appealing to older generations or those with disabilities, if and when you come to sell.

Open showers also mean that you don’t need a door on your shower enclosure, freeing up more space in your bathroom. This could help you fit in a small additional bathroom cabinet or simply create more space for you to move about in the room.


  1. Statement Stone Finishes

Large areas of marble or stone have always been on-trend for bathrooms, but real stone can be expensive even if you’ve got a good budget. Keeping stone and marble tiles clean and sealed can also be very time-consuming.

We now offer the same look in materials like porcelain and ceramic, which makes them a more affordable option than marble or stone, and much easier to maintain. This means you can have a stylish bathroom with a timeless look without breaking the bank.


  1. Creative Bathroom Lighting

Decorative bathroom lighting is nothing new, but in 2022 you can expect to see even more ornate and interesting styles hit the market. While bathroom lighting was once something that little thought was likely to go into, it’s now much more of a consideration.

These new designs, which will require a higher IP rating depending on where they’re used in bathrooms, give you a greater range to explore when creating a lighting design for your bathroom. Mixing different types of lighting to create a more sophisticated style should be something you think about carefully when renovating your bathroom.


  1. Coloured Ceramics for Baths and Basins

Coloured ceramic is due to make a bold return in 2022. Hopefully not the avocado green or whisper pink which were so popular in the 80s and 90s, but we are already starting to see a large demand for coloured ceramic basins. So, if you’d like your bathroom to make a statement, then this trend could be for you.

If you’re concerned about the longevity of a bathroom with coloured ceramics, then choose one bolder statement piece rather than opting for the whole suite in the same colour. This use of colour for one item will add a wow factor to your bathroom without appearing overwhelming. Also, if you get tired of the colour years down the line, it’ll be relatively easy and inexpensive to replace.


  1. Wellbeing and Biophilic Design

Wellness has become a hugely important trend for the home, both in terms of physical and mental health. This is perhaps unsurprising, given the events of the last couple of years.

With so many people still working from home and a greater appreciation for the little things in life, the requirement for a place of calm and respite in the home has not dwindled. For the bathroom, this has meant creating a space that goes beyond meeting basic usage needs, to becoming a space in which you can spend time and unwind.

Biophilic design is one way in which this can be achieved. Biophilic design is a design ethos that relies on the health benefits that are stimulated by an exposure to nature. By incorporating links to nature in your home, including your bathroom, you can enhance your physical and mental wellness. An important part of this ethos includes using natural materials, natural lighting and of course plenty of plants as part of your décor.


  1. Fluted Features

Also referred to as grooved, fluted styles have been used quite extensively in interior design for the past year. However, you’ll see them appear much more in 2022 bathroom designs, as designers and brands have begun to launch new fluted products to meet demands.

While fluted bathroom furniture is relatively easy to find, new fluted basins and tiles are a big trend for the coming year. Fluted finishes are also popular for wall panelling and can be adapted for use in contemporary bathrooms.


  1. Terracotta Bathrooms

When it comes to choosing colours inspired by nature for a bathroom design, you may tend to lean towards different shades of blue and green. There’s a whole range of more earthy tones that are becoming bathroom trends too, though.

Terracotta will be one of the biggest 2022 bathroom trends, both in terms of the colour and the material. So, if you’re looking for something with a warm tone that looks homely, this could be the perfect choice for you.
As with green tones, terracotta encourages positive energy in the home. When it comes to using terracotta in your bathroom, think of a Mediterranean villa for inspiration. You can use terracotta shade tiles or even choose a soft apricot shade for accessorising with towels and bathmats.


  1. Mixing Modern and Period Styles

Traditional bathroom styles are always popular, but there are ways to create a classic look without risking an air of imitation. Giving a contemporary twist by adding colour selections, while honouring the style of a traditional bathroom suite is one way to achieve the best of both worlds.

The secret to making it work is in the mix. When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, just remember that opposites attract! A traditional bath with modern and sleek brassware or alternatively period brassware with a modern-shaped sink can look stylish and sleek.


  1. Arches

When it comes to shapes, are you wondering what the biggest bathroom trend of 2022 will be?

We predict that the answer will be arches — and there’s loads of clever ways to use them in your bathroom. You could look for a shower screen in a statement arch shape or opt for a simple but elegant arched mirror to bring this shape into your space.

If you’re remodelling your bathroom, why not include a recessed arch alcove in your design? This is a great way to frame areas like the bath and create more of a feature out of a plain wall.

Have these 2022 bathroom trends made you feel inspired? Contact us today to find out how we can help with your bathroom remodel.