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One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when speccing out your new kitchen is the worktop, and it can feel like quite a daunting task. After all, this is a surface which is going to see an incredible amount of use over the years – what if you get it wrong?

Don’t fear – you’ve found Modern Homes. You can rely on our huge range of worktops and many years of experience to ensure you choose the perfect kitchen worktop for your budget and requirements.

What makes a great kitchen worktop?

Kitchen worktops have pretty unenviable tasks, when you think about it. They need to look great, fit in with the overall design of your kitchen, and sustain all sorts of use and abuse.

The good news is that there are plenty of options out there these days which can fulfil these needs – and more. The best kitchen worktop will fit perfectly into your budget and be strong enough to cope with pretty much any food preparation, work, or play. It’ll look stunning, too!


How to choose the right kitchen worktop

Start by working out your budget. Kitchen worktops come in a huge range of styles and finishes, and they all greatly impact the overall cost.

Once you know your cost, have a think about what design aesthetic you’re after. Are you going for a classic look in your kitchen, or do you prefer something more contemporary? Nailing down these details will help you then choose from granite, wooden, ceramic, and the many other options that are available, such as quartz.

The benefits of kitchen worktops

No kitchen is complete without a great, hard-wearing worktop. They’re the surfaces on which you’ll prepare food, cook dinner, work, play with the kids, and entertain.

There aren’t any other surfaces in your house that perform quite as many tasks as kitchen worktops. That makes them unique, and with a stunning range of styles to choose from these days, kitchen worktops are capable of creating the all-important ‘wow factor’.

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