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When it comes to kitchen design, it’s often the smallest things which can have the biggest impact. You barely know they’re present, but, combined, they really finish off what is arguably the most important room in your home.

There are lots of ways you can add detail to your kitchen, but we appreciate you might need some help. That’s why the Modern Home team is here – we have a huge range of kitchen details that’ll help you create the perfect space in which to cook, entertain, and relax.

What makes great kitchen details?

Everyone wants the ‘wow factor’ in their kitchen. But it doesn’t take huge American-style fridge freezers or massive breakfast islands to create that feeling when you walk in. Sometimes, it’s the tiny details that really matter.

From glass door fronts, to end panel colouring and the lighting you choose, those small kitchen details will make the biggest visual impact. What’s more, if you choose right, they’ll ensure the room is as functional and as enjoyable to use as it should be. Kitchen details make kitchens effortless.

How to choose the right kitchen details

When choosing the smaller details for your kitchen, you need to think about two things: harmony and balance. Your kitchen needs to work as one finely honed machine, and it can only do that if you get the details right.

For instance, the colour you choose for your cabinets will impact the overall ambiance within the room, and the choice of tap will greatly change the design aesthetic of your kitchen. The same goes for your choice of cabinet handles and the lighting – it all needs to work in perfect harmony.

The benefits of kitchen details

Kitchens are never quite finished until you add those last details. But finding the right details isn’t easy – it requires design experience and, you guessed it, an eye for detail.

Get it right, and the kitchen details in your home will make that room one of the most enjoyable in which to spend time, be it for leisure or work. And if you need help, just call on the Modern Homes team and lean on their wealth of experience.

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