A Timeless Diner

We pride ourselves on being a flexible company and offering choices to our customers. Some want us to manage everything, organise their build, refurbish, design, supply and fit. Others may just want part of the service we offer – as was the case with James Furness from Stratford-upon-Avon.

James is fortunate to have a very capable father who was planning to fit his kitchen, so in this case it was a design and supply commission. Having used us before, James knew our capabilities, so he came to visit us and shared his ideas about the look he wanted to achieve.

As part of his house renovation (the back end of the house had been knocked out to create a kitchen/dining area), James wanted a modern, clean but comfortable feel. The layout was similar to the original kitchen, but configured differently. One challenge we had to bear in mind is when dealing with an older property, the walls are never straight!

After talking through ideas and tweaking the possibilities, James settled on a Mereway shaker-style kitchen, which fulfilled all his requirements. Teamed with modern appliances and a neutral but inviting colour scheme, he’s got a timeless and very stylish kitchen/diner that will see him well into the future.

The Customers Words…

“I’m extremely pleased with the outcome,” says James. “I couldn’t have achieved it without Tina and the team, their expertise and words of wisdom are invaluable.”

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